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on Okinawa, to Vietnam as the second assistant division commander
(ADC) for the 3d Marine Division. Chapman was "searching for another
brig gen tor 1st MarDiv and will send him earliest."32

Actually Brigadier General Glick relieved Brigadier General Louis Metzger, whose tour of duty was about to end. Metzger had controlled the 3d Marine Division (Fwd) headquarters at Dong Ha until Major General Tompkins had moved his command post there from Phu Bai." Tompkins wanted Glick back at the division rear at Phu Bai to supervise the transfer from Phu Bai to the new 3d Division rear base at Quang Tri. The enemy's Tet offensive, however, delayed the move and through February General Glick shared space with Brigadier General Foster C. LaHue's 1st Marine Division Task Force X-Ray headquarters at Phu Bai. According to Glick, he looked after the logistic support forces there while LaHue controlled operations.33

Brigadier General Carl W. Hoffman, who arrived in Vietnam a few days
after Glick, in fact, became the second assistant division commander
of the 3d Marine Division. With the greater emphasis upon the 3d Division
area of operations which included the DMZ and Khe Sanh, General Cushman
delayed unti1 February appointing a second assistant division commander
to the 1st Marine Division. Indeed, when General Hoffman, who had just
served as Military Secretary to the Marine Corps Commandant, landed
at the Da Nang Air Base, Cushman first thought to place him temporarily
in a special III MAF billet. According to the III MAF commander, he
considered establishing a "III MAF War Room (Fwd) at Dong Ha" and making
Hoffman his personal representative to the 3d Marine Division. General
Westmoreland's decision to create the new MACV (Forward) headquarters"
at Phu Bai under his deputy, General Abrams, made the idea of a forward
III MAF headquarters superfluous. Brigadier General Hoffman joined General
Tompkins at Dong Ha as the 3d Marine Division ADC for operations.34

Department of Defense (USMC.) Photo A414846

BGen Carl W. Hoffman became the Assistant Division Commander (ADC) of the 3d Marine Division for operations. The 3d Marine Division now had two ADCs.

By this time, it was clear that III MAF was to become truly a joint
command rather than basically a Marine Corps headquarters. As General
Hoffman several years lacer remembered, "at that time we realized that
the United States Army was moving to the north in earnest." In mid-January,
General Westmoreland assigned Army Brigadier General Salve H. Matheson,
the former commander of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, to
Lieutenant General Cushman's staff as Deputy Commander, Army. In a reclama,
the III MAF commander asked Westmoreland for permission to change Matheson's
designation co "Deputy for Army Matters." As General Cushman explained.
Marine Major General Raymond L. Murray was already Deputy Commander
for all U.S. forces in III MAF. Cushman wanted to use Matheson as a
"point of contact for major Army commanders" and as an advisor to the
III MAF command as to "Army capabilities in both the operational and
logistical fields." Westmoreland agreed to the change, but stated that
in the meantime that Matheson would temporarily be made the J-3 or operations
officer for the new MACV (Forward) headquarters at Phu Bai.35

From the Marine perspective, the activation of the MACV (Forward)
headquarters at Phu Bai did nothing to ease the command relationships
in the north. If anything, it added to the problem by laying an inter-

* See Chapter 3 for the move ofchc 3d Marine Division headquarters
north to Dong Ha in January.

** See Chapter 11 for the establishment of MACV (Fwd) at Phu Bai.

Page 237 (1968: The Defining Year)