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Page 235 (1968: The Defining Year)

Photo is from the 3d MarDiv ComdC, Feb68

An officers' quarters in the 3d Marine Division command post sector at Dong Ha has been completely demolished by a direct hit from a North Vietnamese 122mm rocket.

ammunition storage dump, and 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel. In Kentucky during the month, the Marines sustained casualties of 89 dead and 267 wounded. During the same period, they reported killing nearly 400 of the enemy and capturing 59 prisoners.

While the bombardment of the Dong Ha base exposed its vulnerability to enemy
weaponry, some relief of the logistic situation for the allied forces
in the north was in sight. The new Quang Tri base, which was for the
most part out of enemy artillery range except for mortars and the occasional
rocket, was about half completed and could begin to share part of the
logistic burden. By the end of the month, the remaining 3d Marine Division
rear echelon forces still at Phu Bai prepared to shift their operations
to Quang Tri. At the same time, FLSG Bravo at Dong Ha moved some of
its equipment and ammunition still in exposed storage sices to the Quang
Tri base. The new Wunder Beach facility also was nearing completion.
While the North Vietnamese forced the allies to convoy naval craft along
both the Cua Viet and Perfume Rivers, the supplies were getting through.
As the III MAF commander. Lieutenant General Cushman, five months later
explained, "with the increased forces in Northern I Corps and logistic
support problems . . ., we had to move cautiously until our logistics
pipeline was capable of supporting a bold and aggressive campaign throughout

Readjustments in the U.S. I Corps Command Structure

With the arrival of Army forces in northern I Corps, MACV and III
MAF continued to readjust the command structure in the north. From the
beginning of the year. General Westmoreland had his doubts about the
capability of the III MAF and Marine division staffs to control the
expanding war in the north.* In early January, he convinced the new
Marine Corps Commandant, General Leonard F. Chapman, who was on a visit
to Vietnam, that both the 1st and 3d Marine

* See chapter 1 for the discussion of Westmoreland's doubts about the
Marine Corps command structure.

Page 235 (1968: The Defining Year)