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Page 178 (1968: The Defining Year)

Department of Defense (USMC) Photo A190816

One of the collapsed bridges across the Perfume River
connecting the new city with the Citadel. The NVA destroyed the Perfume
River bridges, but left standing for a time the bridge over the Phu
Cam Canal leading into the new city from Phu Bai along Route 1.

Within a few minutes, che guns were silent. Neither ot the Marine units took any serious casualties anil the Marine fire had suppressed the enemy weapons. One rocket, however, disabled a truck and the Marines successfully towed the vehicle to safety. Two journalists, Cathy Leroy and Francois Mazure, both French citizens, took asylum with the convoy after their release by North Vietnamese soldiers.14

About mid-day. Company H joined Lieutenant Colonel Gravel where the
1st Battalion had established its toehold near the MACV compound. The
NVA, however, continued to block any advance to the south. An enemy
75mm recoilless ride knocked out one of the supporting tanks. By the
end ot the day, the Marines had sustained 2 dead and 34 wounded and
claimed to have killed nearly 140 of the enemy. As one Company G Marine
remarked, the unit spent the day 'hitting and seeing what was there.'
The battalion consolidated its night defensive positions and waited
to renew its attack on the following day.15

Page 178 (1968: The Defining Year)