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Page 175 (The Struggle for Hue-The Second Phase )


The Struggle
for Hue-The Second Phase

More Reinforcements-The Beginning
of the Advance 3-4 February-Block by Block 5-8 February

More Reinforcements

By the morning of 1 February, the actual situation
was becoming only too apparent to both the South Vietnamese and American
troops in Hue. In Da Nang, General Lam, the I Corps Commander, and General
Cushman, CG III MAF, agreed rhar the 1st ARVN Division would assume
responsibility for the Citadel while Task Force X-Ray would clear that
part of the city south of the Perfume River. General LaHue, the TF X-Ray
commander, ordered Lieutenant Colonel Gravel's 'bobtailed' 1st Battalion,
1st Marines in southern Hue to advance to the Thua Thien provincial
headquarters building and prison, a distance of six blocks west of the
MACV compound. Still unaware of the extent of the enemy forces in both
the old and new cities, LaHue told a group of American reporters at
Phu Bai: 'Very definitely, we control the south side of the city ...
I don't think they [the Communist forces] have any resupply capability,
and once they use up what they brought in, they're finished.'1

Department of Defense (USMC)
Photo A190400

Marine infantry advance cautiously
under support of the 90mm gun of a M48 tank in street fighting in Hue.
Even with the tank support, the Marines found the enemy resistance difficult
to overcome in the first days of the operation.

Page 175 (The Struggle for Hue-The Second Phase )