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Page 233(1965: The Landing and the Buildup)  

HAWK-A mobile, surface-to-air, guided missile designed to defend against enemy aircraft flying at low altitudes and short-range rocket missiles

HistBr, G-3 Div, HQMC-Historical Branch, G-3 Division, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

HistMusDiv, HQMC-History and Museums Division, HQMC. Replaced HistBr, G-3 Div, HQMC

HistOff-Historical Office

HMM-Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron

J--The designations for members of a joint staff which includes members of several services comprising the command, e.g., J-l would refer to the staff member responsible for personnel; J-2 Intelligence; J-3 Operations; J-4 Logistics; etc.

JCS-Joint Chiefs of Staff

JGS-Joint General Staff (Vietnamese)

JTD-Joint Table of Distribution

KC 130-The in-flight refueling tanker configuration of the C-130 Lockheed Hercules.

L Hour-In planned helicopter operations, it is the specific hour the helicopters land in the landing zone

LCM-Landing Craft, Mechanized

LCVP-Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel

LogSptGru-Logistic Support Group

LPD-Amphibious Transport Dock

LPH-Amphibious Assault Ship

LSD-Dock Landing Ship

LST-Tank Landing Ship

LSU-Logistic Support Unit


LtCol-Lieutenant Colonel

LtGen-Lieutenant General


LVTP-Landing Vehicle Tracked, Personnel

MAAG-Military Assistance Advisory Group

MAB-Marine Amphibious Brigade

MABS-Marine Air Base Squadron

MAC-Marine Amphibious Corps

MACS-Marine Air Control Squadron

MACV-Military Assistance Command Vietnam

MAF-Marine Amphibious Force

MAG-Marine Aircraft Group

Main Force-Refers to organized Viet Cong battalions and regiments as opposed to local VC guerrilla groups


MajGen- Major General MarDiv-Marine Division

_Marines-Designates a Marine regiment, e.g., 3d Marines

MASS-Marine Air Support Squadron

MATCU-Marine Air Traffic Control Unit

MAW-Marine Aircraft Wing

MCAF-Marine Corps Air Facility

MCAS-Marine Corps Air Station

MCCC-Marine Corps Command Center

MEB-Marine Expeditionary Brigade

MEBLEX-MEB Landing Exercise

MedCap-Medical Civilian Assistance Program

MEF-Marine Expeditionary Force

MilHistBr-Military History Branch

Mogas-Motor gas



MUV-Marine Unit, Vietnam

MWHQ-Marine Wing Headquarters

NAG-Naval Advisory Group

NAS-Naval Air Station

NIS-National Intelligence Survey

NLF-National Liberation Front

NMCB-Naval Mobile Construction Battalion

NMCC-National Military Command Center

NWC-National War College

O-1B-Cessna, single-engine, observation plane, also known as the OE l

OAB, NHD-Operational Archives Branch, Naval History Division

OpOrder-Operation Order

OPlan-Operation Plan

OpSum-Operation Summary

OSJS(MACV)-Office of the Secretariat, Joint Staff (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam)

PAR-Progressive Aircraft Rework

PAT-Political Action Team, the forerunner of the Revolutionary Development Teams. Vietnamese political cadre who were assigned missions of pacification and represented the government of Vietnam in the hamlets of Vietnam

PF-Popular Force; Vietnamese militia who were usually employed in the defense of their own communities

POL-Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants


RF-Regional Force; Vietnamese militia who were employed in a specific province

RF 8A-The reconnaissance version of the F-8 Chance Vought Crusader fighter

RLT-Regimental Landing Team

RRU-Radio Research Unit

ROLLLING THUNDER-Code name for U.S. air operations overr North Vietnam

RVN-Republic of Vietnam

RVNAF-Republic ot Vietnam Armed Forces

S-Refers to start positions on regimental and battalion levels. S l would refer to the staff member responsible for personnel; S 2 Intelligence; S-3 Operations; S-4 Logistics, etc.

SAM-Surtace-to-Air Missile

SAR-Search and Rescue

SAR/Maint Team-Search, rescue,and maintenance team

SEAsia-Southeast Asia

Seatail-Follow-on shipping

SEATO-Southeast Asia Treaty Organization

Page 233(1965: The Landing and the Buildup)