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Page 232(Appendix B: Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations )  

Appendix B

Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

A-1E-Douglas Skyraider, a propeller-driven, single-engine,attack aircraft also known as the AD-5

A-4-Douglas Skyhawk, a single-seat, light-attack jet bomberin service on board carriers of the U.S. Navy and withland-based Marine attack squadrons.

AAR-After Action Report

AdminO-Administrative Officer


AGC-Amphibious Command Ship

AKA-Attack Cargo Ship

ANGLICO-Air&Naval Gunfire Liaison Company

AOA-Amphibious Objective Area

APA-Attack Transport Ship

APD-High Speed Transport Ship

ARG-Amphibious Ready Group

ARVN-Army of the Republic of Vietnam

ASP-Ammunition Storage Point

ASRT-Air Support Radar Team

ArtyGru-Artillery Group

BGen-Brigadier General

BDA-Bomb Damage Assessment

BLSG-Brigade Logistic Support Group

BLT-Battalion Landing Team


C-117D-Douglas Skytrain, a twin-engine, transport aircraft which became operational in the Marine Corps in 1943

C-130-Lockheed Hercules, a four-engine, turboprop transport aircraft


CAS-Close Air Support

CG-Commanding General

CH-37-Sikorsky twin-engine, assault, heavy transport helicopter which carried three crew members and 36 passengers


ChronHist-Chronological History

CinCPac-Commander in Chief Pacific

CinCPacFlt-Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet

Class (I-V)-Categories of military supplies, e.g.. Class I Rations; Class III - POL; Class V - Ammunitions

CMC-Commandant of the Marine Corps

CNO-Chief of Naval Operations

CO-Commanding Officer


Corn -Commander

ComUSMACV-Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam

ComdC-Command Chronology

ComdD-Command Diary

Composite Marine Aircraft Group-An aircraft group consisting of both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft squadrons

CP-Command Post

CPX-Command Post Exercise

CTZ-Corps Tactical Zone

DASC-Direct Air Support Center-A subordinate operational component of the Marine air control system designed for control and direction of close air support and other directair support operations


DFC-Distinguished Flying Cross

DIA-Defense Intelligence Agency


DRV-Democratic Republic of Vietnam

DMZ-Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Vietnam

ECM-Electronic Counter Measures

ELINT-Electronic Intelligence


F-4B-McDonnell Phantom II, a twin-engined, two-seat,long-range, all-weather jet interceptor and attack bomber

F-4C-U.S. Air Force version of the above

FLSG-Force Logistic Support Group

FLSU-Force Logistic Support Unit

FMFPac-Fleet Marine Force Pacific Free Strike Area-A zone in which air strikes could be directed without prior RVN clearance

FSR-Force Service Regiment


G-Refers to staff positions on a general staff, e.g., G-l would refer to the staff member responsible for personnel; G-2 Intelligence; G-3 Operations; G-4 Logistics; etc.

GCI-Ground-Controlled Intercept


GVN-Government of Vietnam

H-Hour-In connection with planned operations, it is the specific hour the operation begins



Page 232(Appendix B: Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations )