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Page 226(1965: The Landing and the Buildup)  

The SLF at the End of the Year

33. FMFPac ComdC, Mar-Dec65.


Chapter 14

Advisors and Other Marine Activities in Vietnam

Unless otherwise noted the material in this chapter is derived from: MACV Comd Hist 1965; Unit Diaries of Casual Company (RUC 54013) and Company B (RUC 54026) HqBn, HQMC; Vietnam Comment File; Shulimson, "U.S. Marines in Vietnam, pt l"; Cahill and Shulimson, "USMC Opns RVN, Jan-Jun65"; Shulimson, "USMC Opns RVN, Jul-Dec65."

Marine Advisors to the Vietnamese Marine Corps

Additional sources for this section are: MAU, NavAdvGp, MACV, After Tour Reports, hereafter ATR with individual name and report date; MAU, After Action Reports (AARs); SMA, MAU, Monthly Evaluation Reports, Jan-Dec65; NavGp, MACV, Monthly Fact Sheets, Jan-Dec65; SMA, NavGp, MACV Itr to CMC, dtd 13Jul66, Subj: Organization, Employment, and Support of the Vietnamese Marine Corps; SMA, MACV, Itr to CMC, dtd 22Mar73, Subj: Vietnamese Marine Corps/Marine Advisory Unit Historical Summary, 1954-73.

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Marine Advisors of the Rung Sat Special Zone

Additional material for this section is derived from: Naval Advisory Group, MACV, Monthly Fact Sheets No. 17, Jan-Dec65, Subj: Rung Sat Special Zone, hereafter, NavGp, RSSZ; LtCol Albert C. Smith, Jr., "Rung Sat Special Zone," U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, v. 94, no. 4 (Apr 1968), pp. 117-18.

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U.S. Marines of the I Corps Advisory Group

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Marines Serving with MACV Headquarters Saigon

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Company L, Marine Support Battalion

The material for this section is derived from: Unit Diaries of Company L, Marine Support Battalion (RUC 54101) l-4Jan65, (RUC 54043) 5Jan-31Dec65; MACV Strength Report, 1Jan65, dtd 11Jan65.

22. LtCol Donald J. Hatch, Comments on draft MS, dtd 220ct76 (Vietnam Comment File).

Embassy Marines

The material for this section is derived from Marine Security Guard, American Embassy, Saigon, RVN, Quarterly and Special Incident Reports, 1965.


Chapter 15


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Page 226(1965: The Landing and the Buildup)