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Page 187(1965: The Landing and the Buildup)  

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Marine engineers construct the 3d Marine Division command post bunker. When completed it was estimated that the massive timber and concrete complex would be capable of supporting the weight of three battleships.

construction material available required a great deal of ingenuity and improvisation. . . . Heavy engineer earth moving equipment and dump trucks were operated from dawn until dusk, seven days a week. Mechanics worked during hours of darkness performing required preventative maintenance and making repairs so equipment and vehicles were ready to roll at first light.31

Lieutenant Colonel Dennis, after touring all three enclaves, officially assumed command of the 3d Engineer's forward headquarters at Da Nang on 29 May. He suggested an extensive road improvement program to General Walt, which included building bridges and laying culverts throughout the TAORs to prepare for the forthcoming monsoon season. Dennis also recommended the deployment of the remaining battalion units from Okinawa, Company C, Headquarters and Service Company, and Support Company. By 8 July, the entire 3d Engineer Battalion was in Vietnam.32

One of the major engineering accomplishments during this period was the installation of the LAAM battery on Monkey Mountain. According to Colonel O'Connor:

The engineering unit had to move southward along the Monkey Mountain ridge from the Air Force control position through dense jungle. The distance was about three miles to the highest point on the ridge. They constructed a shelf road suitable for military vehicles along the contours of several steep slopes. Upon arrival at the selected peak, they shaved off the top of it to make a flat area for emplacement of a section of a battery. The job took about three weeks and required explosives, bulldozers, and graders to establish cuts and culverts along the way.33

About the same time, Dennis' battalion completed construction support for the 3d Medical Battalion, which included 'air-conditioned operating rooms, strong backed, screened ward tents, air-conditioned recovery room tents.' According to Dennis:

l vividly recall General Walt visiting 'Charlie Med' and directing immediate construction of the above listed
Page 187(1965: The Landing and the Buildup)