Thomas Jonathan Jackson (Stonewall)


"One of the most famous of all the Confederate Generals, Jackson was considered Lee's ""right arm"". He led the successful Shenandoah Valley Campaign. He was killed at the battle of Chancellorsville." Few men have received the worship Jackson has. Every aspect of his death has been memorialized, from the spot where he fell, the trail of his evacuation, the place where he first seemed to recover then died, to his tomb ' and even the burial place of his arm. He was a good general, but he was even more a symbol to his people. Even his idiosyncrasies (eating lemons skin and all, holding his right hand over his head) are looked on charitably.




He had managed to get an education, though coming from humble stock in western Virginia, and went on to West Point (class of 1846). He graduated into the artillery just in time for the Mexican War and earned two brevets under fire. He resigned from the Army to teach at the Virginia Military Institute (which reveres him still), which was a mistake. He was not a good teacher, although he improved from wretched to mediocre, and students called him Tom Fool Jackson" or "Old Blue Light". This last was from his intense religious belief: he tried to avoid fighting on the Sabbath

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and funded (from his own tight purse) a Sunday School for slaves.<p><p> <p><p> When Virginia seceded Jackson was appointed a colonel in Virginia state forces and set to organizing troops in the upper Shenandoah. He rapidly gathered a brigade
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although he was superceded in command of the whole area by Joe Johnston. When McDowell moved toward Manassas Junction
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