Philip III (The Good)

Years ruled: 1419 - 1467
Son of: John the Fearless
Married to: Michelle of France; Bonne of Artois; Isable of Portugal
Children: Charles the Bold Philip the Good was the most powerful of the dukes of Burgundy. After his father's death (John the Fearless) in 1419, Philip became duke and the next year he formed a treaty with Henry V of England (the Treaty of Troyes) which recognized Henry as heir to the French throne. In 1435 he switched allegiances to Charles VII of France. During most of his life he was most interested in increasing the size and power of his duchy. Through a succession of financial dealings and armed conflicts Namur, Hainaut, Brabent and Holland (and more) were added to the duchy. Philip also developed the most extravagant court life in Medieval Europe during this time.

Birth Location: 
Dijon, Burgundy ,
Birth Date: 
Death Location: 
Bruges , (Belgium)
Death Date: