Philip II (The Bold)

"Years ruled: 1363 - 1404
Son of: John II, King of France
Married to: Margaret of Flanders
Children: John the Fearless " Philip the Bold was the youngest son of John II, the French King. In 1363, John granted Philip the duchy of Burgundy. He fought with his father at Poitiers where they were both captured by the English. Along with his brothers, Philip was the regent for the future Charles VI until 1388 when Charles demanded rulership. In 1392, Charles VI went insane and Philip became virtual ruler of France. Philip married Margaret the heiress to the lands of Flanders. When Margaret's father died, Philip inherited the rich Low Countries and integrated them into Burgundy creating a powerhouse on the continent.

Birth Location: 
Pontoise, France
Birth Date: 
Death Location: 
Halle, Brabant
Death Date: