Omar Nelson Bradley


"General of the Army. Commanded forces in Africa and the U.S. 12th Army Group in Europe during World War II. Postwar, was Administrator of Veterans' Affairs; Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; and Chairman, NATO Military Committee." General Bradley was born in Clark, Missouri in 1893, and graduated from West Point in 1915. He spent much of his early career as a faculty member at West Point and the Infantry School. He commanded the 1st U.S. Army in the Normandy invasion of 1944, then moved up to command the 12th Army Group. His troops moved inland from Normandy, pushed the Germans out of Paris and mounted a counteroffensive in the Battle of the Bulge. They crossed the Rhine and pushed through Germany, linking up with the Red Army. Postwar, General Bradley served as Administrator of Veteran's Affairs for two years. He was named Chief of Staff of the Army in 1948. In 1949, he was appointed to the newly created post of Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. In 1950, he achieved 5-star rank, general of the army. He then held the position of Chairman, NATO Military Committee until 1950, and continued to serve on the Committee until 1953. General Bradley died in New York City in 1981, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Birth Location: 
Clark, Missouri, US
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Death Location: 
New York, New York, US
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