King of Egypt

Dynasty: 4
Reign: 2532 - 2504 BC As the son of Khafre and the grandson of Khufu, Menkaure completed the family tradition of building great pyramids at Giza. His is the third (the first two belonging to his grandfather and father, respectively) pyramid to be built there. It is also the smallest of the Great Pyramids, being half the height of Khufu's. Scholars don't know why he would build his pyramid so much smaller but it suggests that all was not perfect in his kingdom.

Indeed, Menkaure had a hard time with the religious priests and oracles. Apparently they had reported that the gods had decreed a period of 150 years of hardship. Khufu and Khafre's reign both endured major hardships but Menkaure's reign was much more benign. Blaming Menkaure oracles declared he would only reign for six years, but history shows his rein was longer.

Death Date: 
ca 2500 BC