John II

Years ruled: 1350 - 1364
Son of: Philip VI
Children: Charles V John's reign was considered a failure by many. In addition to fighting the English, John also quarrelled with his son-in-law Charles II of the Kingdom of Navarre (located on France's Southwestern border.) John was captured by Edward the Black Prince at the battle Poitiers in 1356 and was ransomed in 1360. During his captivity his son Charles acted as his regent. In 1360 John signed the Treaty of Bretigny in which he relinquished control over Calais and Aquitaine in return for having Edward III renounce his claim to the French crown. In 1364 John volunteered to return to London as a hostage when one of the ransomed hostages escaped. He died in London that year.

Birth Location: 
, France
Birth Date: 
Death Location: 
London, England
Death Date: