Jennie Hodgers


Jennie Hodgers served as a Union soldier under the name Albert Cashier. An Irish immigrant, Jennie served for three years in the Ninety-fifth Illinois Infantry, Company G. As the only documented case of a woman fulfilling an army enlistment, Jennie fought at the battles of Vicksburg, Nashville and Mobile. Fellow soldiers recalled the small soldier as a skilled rifleman and able to keep up on long marches. After the war, Jennie continued living as a man and took up farming. She attended several postwar conventions and later resided in a home for Union Veterans. Her secret was only discovered due to an automobile accident which broke her hip. But due to a loyalty among her fellow veterans, her secret was again buried until after her death. Jennie was buried in a Union uniform upon her death in 1915, and her name is inscribed on the Illinois monument at Vicksburg.

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