James Johnston Pettigrew

Confederate Brigadier General. Commanded Heth's division at Gettysburg. Mortally wounded at Falling Waters. James J. Pettigrew was born at "Bonarva", the family home in North Carolina. At the age of fifteen, he entered the University of North Carolina, where he had a brilliant scholastic experience. Upon his graduation in 1847, his academic excellence was rewarded by President Polk in the form of an assistant professorship at the Naval Observatory in Washington. Pettigrew traveled abroad, then returned to study law. He practiced in Charleston. In 1856, he was elected to the South Carolina legislature. He served in the South Carolina militia at the outbreak of the War, present at Charleston Harbor in April of 1861. He then commanded the 12th South Carolina Infantry. After securing a brigadier's commission dated February, 1862, Pettigrew served under Joseph Johnston in the Peninsula Campaign. He was severely wounded and captured at the Battle of Seven Pines. After only two months of captivity, Pettigrew was exchanged. He was given an assignment in the defense of Petersburg, then duty in North Carolina. He commanded a brigade in Heth's division in A.P. Hill's corps at Gettysburg. After Heth was wounded, Pettigrew assumed command of the division, and fought well in the center on the third day. General Pettigrew was mortally wounded at battle of Falling Waters, during Lee's withdrawal from Pennsylvania after Gettysburg. He is buried at "Bonarva" in Tyrrell County, North Carolina.

Birth Location: 
Tyrrell County, North Carolina, US
Birth Date: 
Death Location: 
Bunker Hill, Virginia, US
Death Date: