Henry VI

"Years ruled 1422 - 1461 & 1470 - 1471
Son of: Henry V and Catherine de Valois
Married to: Margaret of Anjou
Children: Edward, Prince of Wales " Henry VI was crowned king of both England and France when he was an infant. During his reign his country lost the Hundred Year's War and all of its French territories except for Calais. In 1445 he married Margaret of Anjou. At the age of 32 (1453) he suffered his first attack of mental illness and control of the country was taken up by Richard, duke of York. The next year he recovered and clashed with Richard over who would rule England thus starting the Wars of the Roses. At the battle of Northampton in 1460 he was captured by the Yorkist forces and forced to acknowledge Richard as the rightful heir to the throne. In 1461 he lost the throne to Richard's son Edward IV. He was briefly restored as ruler from 1470 to 1471 but before the battle of Barnet in April he was captured by Edward and sent to the tower of London where he was murdered on May 21, 1471.

Birth Location: 
Windsor Castle, England
Birth Date: 
Death Location: 
London, England
Death Date: