Dynasty: 18
Reign: 1498 - 1483 BC Daughter of of King Thutmose I and Queen Ahmose, Hatshepsut became Queen when her husband and half-brother Thutmose II succeeded his father. Thutmose and Hatshepsut had a daughter together but Thutmose II's only son was by a harem girl named, Isis. Thutmose II declared this son (Thutmose III) his successor before he died in his early thirties. When Thutmose III inherited the throne he was still a child so his step-mother/aunt acted as his regent.

Hatshepsut As Regent

But Hatshepsut didn't give up power easily. At first she made certain she was in all reliefs of the new king. But she soon went even farther and by the second year of her step-son she had completely usurped the thrown. She began to guild her own mortuary temple and used it to spread the idea that she had been chosen by the gods to be king.

King Hatshepsut

She took the title "King of Upper and Lower Egypt". She had herself portrayed in all the trappings of the kings including a false beard. This apparently caused a great deal of difficulty for those doing inscriptions. Within the same inscription she is often refered to as king and later as queen.

Hatshepsut was one of the first women rulers in history and one of only a handful of female egyptian kings. Her reign was generally peaceful and she increased the trade borders of the country.

Death of Hatshepsut

She died in 1483 and some scholars believe her son may have had a hand in her death. He certainly resented her usurpation enough to destroy many of her monuments and attempt to wipe out her name. She was not even included in the ongoing carved list of kings.