Frederick Sleigh Roberts

Commander-in--Chief of British Forces

Field Marshal Frederick Sleigh Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts was the last Commander-in-Chief of the Forces of the British Army before the post was abolished in 1904.  He entered into the military as a Second Lieutenant in the East India Company Army in December, 1851.  Roberts is considered to be one of the most successful British commanders of the 19th century and participated in the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-1880), and the Second Boer War (1899-1902).      

Roberts is also known for a speech he made on October 22, 1912 that warned of a possible threat and war with Germany.  Roberts died in St. Omer, France after he was diagnosed with pneumonia while visiting with Indian troops fighting in World War I. 

Birth Location: 
Cawnpore, British India
Birth Date: 
September 30, 1832
Death Location: 
Saint-Omer, France
Death Date: 
November 14, 1914