Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel (The Desert Fox)

Nazi General

World War I hero; Key German general in World War II. Hitler believed Rommel was part of a failed assassination plot and forced him to commit suicide. Erwin Rommel joined the army in 1910. Rommel had a stellar service record during World War I. He was wounded in action during the invasion of France. In 1917 and 1918 he served on Romanian and Italian Fronts with distinction winning the Pour Le Merite award. After the war he became an infantry instructor and published a book on infantry tactics (Infantry Attacks.) He commanded the 7th Panzer Division at the battle of France in World War II. In February 1941, he was appointed commander of German forces in North Africa (the Afrika Corps.) During the next two years, his outstanding leadership earned him the title "Desert Fox" and the respect of both German and Allied forces. He was recalled from North Africa in March 1943. Rommel was assigned command of Army Group B in France and he fought Allied forces in Normandy. He was wounded by an Allied air strike in mid-July 1944. Rommel was implicated in the failed assassination plot of Hitler and given the choice of trial or suicide. He took his own life by taking poison on October 14, 1944.

Birth Location: 
Heidenheim, Wurttemberg, Germany
Birth Date: 
November 15, 1891
Death Location: 
Herrlingen, Wurttemberg, Germany
Death Date: 
October 14, 1944