Edward V of England


Years ruled: 1483
Son of: Edward IV and Elizabeth Wydville Edward V was 12 years old when his father (Edward IV) died in 1483 leaving him next in line for the throne. His coronation date was set for May 4, 1483. On his way to London, Edward was intercepted and detained by Richard, Duke of Gloucester (Richard III), his uncle and designated protector. Richard canceled the coronation and kept Edward confined at the Tower of London where his brother, Richard joined him, in mid-June. Later that same month the young king was declared illegitimate by Parliament because the marriage of his father to his mother (Elizabeth Wydville) was declared illegal. Both boys were murdered sometime later creating one of the most notorious murder mysteries in history.

Birth Location: 
Westminster Abbey, London, England
Birth Date: 
November 2, 1470
Death Location: 
Tower of London, London, England (Assumed)
Death Date: 
Unknown, circa 1483 (Assumed)