Benito Mussolini (il Duce)

Fascist Dictator of Italy. Allied with Nazi Germany and Japan. Benito Mussolini worked as both a schoolteacher and as a journalist in his early years, and also fought in World War I. In 1922, he became the Premier of Italy, and dictator in 1925. He opposed Catholics, Socialists, and Communists, and, in 1935, began to expand the Italian Empire by invading Ethiopia. He supported Franco in the Spanish Civil War, and in 1939, joined Germany in the Axis Powers. He invaded Albania, Greece, and North Africa, with disastrous effects, and he was arrested in 1943. However, the Germans freed him and established him as the head of a puppet government. In 1945, he was captured again, but this time he was hanged, along with his mistress Clara Petacci.

Birth Location: 
Predappio, Italy
Birth Date: 
Death Location: 
Giulino di Mezzegra, Italy
Death Date: