Richard, duke of York, traveled north with Richard Neville, earl of Salisbury to meet the threat of a large Lancastrian force assembled near the city of York. Upon reaching the area, Richard took up a defensive position at Sandal Castle. For some unknown reason, Richard left his stronghold and directly attacked the Lancastrian force even though it was twice the size of his army. While Richard held out for some time, he was eventually overwhelmed and his forces were heavily defeated. Richard was slain during the battle. The earl of Salisbury and York's son were captured and executed marking the beginning of a less chivalrous form of warfare that lasted until the end of the wars.

York Leadership: Richard, duke of York Richard Neville, earl of Salisbury

Lancaster Leadership: Henry Beaufort, duke of Somerset Sir Henry Holland, duke of Exeter Sir Henry Percy, duke of Northumberland Lord Clifford Lord Roos

Size of forces: Yorkists - 8,000 Lancastrians - 18,000

Notable deaths Richard, duke of York, Richard Neville, earl of Salisbury and Edmund, earl of Rutland (York's son)

Sandal, England
Lancastrian victory
First Campaign
Start Date: 
Sunday, December 30, 1460
Start Year: 
End Date: 
Sunday, December 30, 1460
End Year: 
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