In one last attempt to dislodge the English from Normandy, about 15,000 French and Scottish forces attacked the English army of 9,000 commanded by John, duke of Bedford 50 miles west of Paris. In the initial moments of the engagement, Lombardian knights, hired by the French, charged the English archers before they could put their stakes down. Having crashed through the English ranks, the Lombardians attacked the baggage train, thereby taking them out of the remainder of the battle. In turn, the English regained the upper hand, and pushed the remainder of the French and Scottish forces back. About half the of the French/Scottish army were lost; the rest retreated. The result of the battle was that the Scots were removed as a major aid to the French cause.

English Leadership: John, duke of Bedford

French Leadership: John Stewart, earl of Buchan

English victory
Start Date: 
Tuesday, August 17, 1424
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End Date: 
Tuesday, August 17, 1424
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