Tom's Brook (Woodstock Races)

Brig. Gen. Alfred Torbert, USA

Maj. Gen. Thomas Rosser, CSA

The Union had about 6,300 men, the Confederates about 3,500.

Casualties were light, but one-sided. The Union lost about 60, the South about six times as many.

Sheridan's infantry had won two victories that the cavalry had not fully exploited. After Fisher's Hill he'd sacked one of his cavalry generals, and now he was getting fed up with his other one. While the infantry was busy burning farms and everything of potential military significance, Confederate cavalry did what they could to harass and stop the ravages. He told Torbert to fight ' it didn't matter who won as long as the Federal cavalry fought.

Torbert took this to heart. Later the same day he turned his two divisions around and smacked into two Confederate brigades close on their heels. The Confederates were taken by surprise, fought for a bit, then collapsed and galloped away for 10 miles. The Union horsemen chased after, capturing eleven of the dozen Rebel horse guns and rounding up about 300 prisoners. Not a particularly large battle, but thanks to fighting and winning, the Union cavalry finally achieved superiority in the Valley.

Shenandoah County, Virginia, United States
Union victory
Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley
Start Date: 
Sunday, October 9, 1864
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Sunday, October 9, 1864
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