Summit Point (Flowing Springs, Cameron's Depot )

Both sides engaged roughly division-sized units.

There were about 1,000 total casualties.

Sheridan had pulled back up the Valley because of (erroneous) reports of substantial Confederate reinforcements. He also wanted to work out the kinks in his new command ' troops brought together from all over who needed to grow accustomed to one another and a new HQ.

But the Confederates read Sheridan's withdrawal another way, as timidity. Sheridan had almost twice their strength but wasn't fighting, and Early decided to be more aggressive.

Early and Maj. Gen. Richard Anderson attacked the Union rearguards with converging columns on August 21. Early headed eastward, through Smithfield, against Wright's Union VI Corps, while Anderson moved north against Wilson's cavalry at Summit Point.

There were engagements between the various forces all through the day, but the Union delaying actions did the job: their rearguards were never trapped and the Confederates got little advantage. The next day the Sheridan's men were around Halltown, where he was headed anyway.

Jefferson County, West Virginia, United States
Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley
Start Date: 
Sunday, August 21, 1864
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Sunday, August 21, 1864
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