Simmon's Bluff

Lt. A.C. Rhind, USN
Col. James McCullough, CSA

Each side had a regiment, and the Union was supported by a gunboat.

There were no casualties.

In June, the Federals besieging Charleston mounted an amphibious expedition to cut the Charleston & Savannah Railroad. On June 21, troops of the 55th Pennsylvania landed from the gunboat Crusader and transport Planter near Simmon's Bluff on Wadmelaw Sound, surprising and burning an encampment of the 16th South Carolina Infantry. The Confederates scattered, and the Federals returned to their ships. Despite this minor victory, the Federals abandoned their raid on the railroad. Although a bloodless raid, this engagement typified scores of similar encounters that occurred along the South Carolina coastline.

Charleston, South Carolina, United States
Union victory
Operations against Charleston
Start Date: 
Saturday, June 21, 1862
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End Date: 
Saturday, June 21, 1862
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