In June 1460, Richard Neville, earl of Warwick, his father (earl of Salisbury), and Edward, earl of March (the future Edward IV) sailed from Calais and landed at Sandwich on their way to London. After waiting a few weeks to setup a siege force around a small Lancastrian army defending the Tower of London, Warwick marched north to attack the Lancastrian army that was marching south from Coventry. The Lancastrian army upon learning of the plans of the Yorkist forces stopped at the town of Northampton to build up a defensive position. When Warwick arrived he spent many hours trying to contact the King and negotiate a settlement. Finally, around 2:00pm, the Yorkist forces attacked. During the middle of the battle, Lord Grey, who was commanding a wing of the King's army switched sides to the Yorkist cause. This was the deciding action and the Yorkist swept to a victory. The king was now under Yorkist control and in November agreed that the Yorks were the rightful heirs to the crown. Many thought this would end the civil wars, however, the Queen was busily assembling an army in Wales in order to continue the struggle. Key Points

York Leadership: Richard Neville, earl of Warwick

Lancaster Leadership: King Henry VI Sir Humphrey Stafford, duke of Buckingham Sir Edmund Grey

Size of forces: Yorkists - 20,000 Lancastrians - 10,000

Notable deaths: duke of Buckingham

Yorkist victory
First Campaign
Start Date: 
Tuesday, July 10, 1460
Start Year: 
End Date: 
Tuesday, July 10, 1460
End Year: 
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