Marmiton River (Shiloh Creek, Charlot's Farm )

Brig. Gen. John H. McNeil, USA
Maj. Gen. Sterling Price, CSA

The Union had two cavalry brigades, Price the remnants of his cavalry corps grandly titled the 'Army of Missouri'.

Casualty figures are unknown.

Following the Battle of Mine Creek, Price continued withdrawing his remaining wagons towards Fort Scott while a desperate rearguard delayed the Union pursuit.

In late afternoon, Price's supply train had difficulty crossing the Marmiton River ford and, as at Mine Creek, Price had to make a stand. Brig. Gen. McNeil, commanding two brigades of Pleasonton's cavalry division, attacked the Confederate troops that Price had rallied, which included a sizable number of unarmed men.

McNeil could see the size of the Confederate force, but couldn't tell that many were unarmed, and restrained his attack. After about two hours of skirmishing, Price continued his retreat and McNeil's exhausted men could not mount an effective pursuit. Pleasonton had marched his men hard to even catch Price at Westport, and the pursuit southwards had been exhausting. There were limits to the strength of the men, even with the fruits of total victory in reach.

Price's army was broken by this time, and it was simply a question of how many men he could successfully evacuate to friendly territory.

Vernon County, Missouri, United States
Union victory
Price's Raid
Start Date: 
Tuesday, October 25, 1864
Start Year: 
End Date: 
Tuesday, October 25, 1864
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