Ludford Bridge

After the losing the battle of Blore Heath, the Yorkist factions regrouped at Ludford bridge at the town of Ludlow and started to advance towards Worcester. They quickly fell back when they encountered a larger enemy force led by Henry VI. The Lancastrians ended up taking a position opposite the Yorkists across the Teme river. That night a significant amount of the Yorkist army deserted which led to a full scale retreat the next morning. The catalyst of the defections was Andrew Trollope captain of the Calais troops. Trollope switched sides after accepting the king's pardon. After the engagement Richard returned to Ireland and the earl of Salisbury fled to Calais.

York Leadership: Richard, duke of York Richard Neville, earl of Salisbury

Lancaster Leadership: King Henry VI

Ludlow, England
Lancastrian victory
First Campaign
Start Date: 
Wednesday, October 12, 1459
Start Year: 
End Date: 
Wednesday, October 12, 1459
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