Eltham's Landing (Barhamsville, West Point )

Brig. Gen. William B. Franklin, USA
Maj. Gen. Gustavus W. Smith, CSA

Each side deployed a division.

Casualties were light, a combined total under 250.

McClellan was always asking for reinforcements, and Franklin's division (part of McDowell's Corps which had been detached from the Army of the Potomac) was returned to him. Shortly after arriving at Fort Monroe McClellan had them back on their transports to move up to West Point, the eastern end of the Richmond & York River Railroad.

The idea was to get behind Johnston and attack his wagon trains as they withdrew, but Johnston had seen this possibility and detached Smith's division. Franklin's division came ashore at Eltham's Landing and was attacked by two of Smith's brigades, which checked him. Johnston's retreat was not impaired, but McClellan had gained what would become his supply base, White House.

New Kent County, Virginia, United States
Peninsula Campaign
Start Date: 
Wednesday, May 7, 1862
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End Date: 
Wednesday, May 7, 1862
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