Deep Bottom I (Darbytown, Strawberry Plains, New Market Road, Gravel Hill )

Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock, USA
Maj. Gen. Charles Field, CSA

Both sides had about a Corps present.

There were about 1,000 casualties.

During the night of July 26-27, the Union II Corps and two divisions of Sheridan's cavalry under command of Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock crossed to the north side of James River to threaten Richmond.

It was successful as a demonstration, diverting Confederate forces from the impending attack at Petersburg on July 30. But tactically it was a failure. Union efforts to turn the Confederate position at New Market Heights and Fussell's Mill were abandoned when the Confederates strongly reinforced their lines and counterattacked. During the night of July 29, the Federals recrossed the river ' but kept a garrison to hold the bridgehead at Deep Bottom and maintain the threat to Richmond.

Henrico County, Virginia, United States
Confederate victory
Siege of Richmond and Petersburg
Start Date: 
Wednesday, July 27, 1864
Start Year: 
End Date: 
Friday, July 29, 1864
End Year: 
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