Carnifex Ferry

Brig. Gen. John Floyd, CSA

Both sides had brigades present.

There were only about 250 total casualties.

Learning of Col. Erastus Tyler's rout at Kessler's Cross Lanes, Brig. Gen. William S. Rosecrans moved three brigades south from Clarksburg to support him. On the afternoon of September 10, he advanced against Brig. Gen. John Floyd's camps at Carnifex Ferry. Darkness brought and end to the fighting after several hours. The strength of the Union artillery convinced Floyd to retreat during the night.

Floyd blamed his defeat on his co-commander Brig. Gen. Henry Wise, contributing to further dissension in the Confederate ranks. The two had disagreed before, and this added to the strains.

Nicholas County, West Virginia, United States
Union victory
West Virginia Campaign
Start Date: 
Tuesday, September 10, 1861
Start Year: 
End Date: 
Tuesday, September 10, 1861
End Year: 
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