Appomattox Court House

There were 700 total casualties, and 27,805 Confederate soldiers paroled.

Early on April 9, the remnants of John Brown Gordon's corps and Fitzhugh Lee's cavalry formed line of battle at Appomattox Court House. Gen. Robert E. Lee determined to make one last attempt to escape the closing Union pincers and reach his supplies at Lynchburg.

At dawn the Confederates advanced, initially gaining ground against Sheridan's cavalry. The arrival of Union infantry, however, stopped the advance in its tracks. Longstreet couldn't reinforce because of pressure from the east.

Lee knew his army was now surrounded on three sides, and asked for a truce. It was a while before all the fighting died down ' after years of combat men didn't believe white flags, didn't believe there would be a surrender.

Lee surrendered to Grant in the afternoon of April 9, in the parlor of Wilmer McLean's house. The war in Virginia was over.

Appomattox County, Virginia, United States
Union victory
Appomattox Campaign (March-April 1865)
Start Date: 
Sunday, April 9, 1865
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End Date: 
Sunday, April 9, 1865
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