An Anniversary to Remember

Following the Civil War, veterans began gathering at reunions to renew old friendships with those they shared a common bond. The largest of these events made headline news around the world and took place in 1913 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

An Interview with Ron Maxwell

Gods and Generals dvd and book behind it

Ron Maxwell, "Giving History a Voice"

Catching up with Ron Maxwell to do this interview was tricky. His schedule was filled with tying up the loose ends of Gods and Generals. In fact, we had postponed this interview so many times that I began to wonder if Ron Maxwell was merely a pseudonym and perhaps that was the real story I should pursue. But fate finally intervened and Ron, stuck in traffic on an L.A. freeway while on his way to a sound studio, was finally all mine.

An Interview with Stephen Lang: Bringing Stonewall Jackson to Life

Portrait of Stonewall Jackson
We watched in awe as he offered us the exceptional performance as General George Pickett in Gettysburg. Now, Stephen Lang takes the lead in Ron Maxwell's prequel entitled Gods and Generals. Stephen shares many of this thoughts and perspectives on these two Generals.

Ancient Battle Tanks

statue of elephant made of stone
One of the strangest innovations in warfare began around 4000 BC with the training of elephants in the Indus River Valley.

Appomattox to Red River Twilight Comes to the Trans-Mississippi and The End of the Civil War in Shreveport

In color that states Welcome to Louisiana both in English and French
This paper paints with a broad brush, for it covers the final days of the War between the States in the capitol cities of Richmond and Shreveport, including the attempt by Confederate President Jefferson Davis to travel the 900 miles between the two in April and May of 1865. It will give emphasis to developments in and around Shreveport, as they are less known. Now to do justice to the latter, I need to tell you something of Shreveport as it was, and would become, in the war years.