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soldiers with guns raised and pointed at two men

The 1848 German Revolutions

soldier with guns pointed at Black man and other soldiers in background, one soldier is on the ground

The Boston Massacre

signs that read Free Tibet and China Out of Tibet

The 17 Point Agreement: China's Occupation of Tibet


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Battle of Gettysburg lithograph by Currier and Ives

Civil War Information

a medical horse and wagon, soldiers, and wounded soldiers laying on the ground

Civil War Medicine

Text that reads The War of the Rebellion, a compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

The War of the Rebellion

the U.S. flag and Russian flag with broken pieces

Historical Analysis of the Cold War

The Library of Alexandria on fire

The Burning of the Library of Alexandria

Napoleon Bonaparte on a horse that is rearing up

Napoleon Bonaparte




Mothers and children marching against segregation. The children are carrying signs.

Picturing Black History

view of Earth with Africa and South America highlighted. A clear box with text Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective is on top of Africa.

Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective

a male teacher standing and looking at the paper of a student who is seated. There is a male student sitting at a desk in the right background of the image.

History Teaching Institute

Exterior of the United States Capitol building

A Well-Informed People

The word citations in white text on the center of the image with many different sizes of the word citations in gray behind it. The background of the image is dark gray.

How to Cite eHistory