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Marine Fighcer Attack Squadron 122 (VMFA-122)

CO LtCol John K. Cochran lJan-6Jaii70

LtCol Robert E. Howard. Jr. 7Jan-12Jul70

Maj Ross C- Chaimson 13Jul-8Sep70

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 314 (VMFA-314) CO LtCol Thomas J. Kelly lJan-6Jun70

LtCol Robert A. Christy 7Jun-12Sep70

Marine Attack Squadron 311 (VMA-311)

CO LtCol Arthur R. Hickle lJan-3lMay70

LtCol James M. Barman lJun-100ct70

LtCol Jerome T. Hagen 110ct70-12May71

Marine Wing Support Group 17 (MWSG-17)

CO Col Richard A. Savage lJan-8Feb70

Col Harvey L. Jensen 9"Feb-6Aug70

Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron 17 (H&MS-17)

CO LtCol Dalvin Sen-in lJan-6Aug70

Wing Equipment and Repair Squadron 17 (WERS-17)

CO Maj William F. Parley lJan-20Feb70

LtCol George J. Ettlmeier 2lFeb-6Aug70

llth Dental Company

CO Capt Van L- Johnson, Jr., USN lJan-6May70

Capt Frank D. Grossman. USN 7May70-17Jan71

Cdr William R Armstrong, USN 18Jan-l4Apr71

Capt James J. Lyons, USN 15Apr-30Jun71

Force Logistic Command/lst Force Service Regiment

CG BGen Mauro J. Padalino lJan-220ct70

BGen James R. Jones 230ct70-l4Apr71

CO Col Harold W. Evans, Jr. l6-26Jun71

C/S Col John L, Tobin lJan-17Jun70

Col Robert W. Calvert 18Jun-2Jul70

Col Garth K. Sturdevan 3Jul70-SJun71

Col Harold W- Evans, Jr. 9Jun-15Jun71

G-l LtCol John E. Redelfs lJan-31Jul70

LtCol Ralph D, First lAug70-10Jun71

Capt David R- Little HJun-26Jun71

G-2 LtCol Robert L. Solzc lJan-90ct70

Maj Amilcar Vazquez 100ct70-26Jun71

G-3 Col William W. Storm III lJan-24Mar70

Col Robert W. Calvert 25Mar-100ct70

Col Harold W. Evans. Jr. I10ct70-8Jun71

Maj John R. Wuthrich 9Jun-26Jun71

G-4 LtCol Maurice H. Ivins, Jr. lJan-13Sep70

LtCol Charles G. Boicey l4Scp-22Dec70

LtCol Charles R. Poppe, Jr. 2;Dec70-26Jun71

G-5 Maj Robert E, Johnson lJan-17Apr70

Maj Ronald E. Bane iaApr-l4Jun70

Maj Robert E. Johnson l�iJun-17Jun70

Headquarters & Service Battalion, 1st Force Service Regiment

CO LtCol Lewis R. Webb lJan-l60ct70

LtCol Donald J. Burger 170ct70-2Jun71

LtCol Edward E. Crews 3Jun71-26Jun71

Supply Battalion, 1st Force Service Regiment

CO Col Robert W. Calvert lJan-24Mar70

Col Donald E. Morin 25Mar-l4Aug70

Col Charles F. Langley 15Aug70-10May71

LtCol Eugene R. Puckett HMay-llJun71

Maj Ronald L. Fraser 12Jun-26Jun71

Maintenance Battalion, 1st Force Service Regiment

CO LtCol Edward C. Morris lJan-3Apr70

LtCol Don D. Beal 4Apr-21Sep70

LtCol William F. Sheehan 22Sep70-18Feb71

LtCol Edward E. Crews 19th Apr-30May71

Capt William E. Phelps 31May-17Jun71

Force Logistic Support Group Bravo, 1st Service Battalion (Rein)

CO Col Donald E. Morin lJan-12Mar70

Maj Norman L. ^bung 13Mar-30Jun70

LtCol Donald J- Burger lJul-15Sep70

1st Military Police Battalion

CO LtCol Speros D. Thomaidis lJan-1Jun70

LtCol Newell T. Donahoo 2Jun-17Nov70

LtCol John Colia 18Nov70-12Jun71

3d Military Police Battalion

CO LtCol Charles Fimian lJan-8Aug70

7th Motor Transport Battalion

CO LtCol Richard L. Prather lJan-13Feb70

Maj Lawrence E. Davies 14Feb-19Feb70

5th Communication Battalion

CO LtCol Dale E. Shatzer Aug70-17Sep70

Maj Gerald F. Baker 18Sep-40ct70

Force Logistic Command Attached Units 1st Radio Battalion

CO LtCol Delos M. Hopkins lJan-29Jun70

Maj Donald J. Hatch 30Jun-29Jul70

LtCol Edward D. Resnik 30Jul70-l4Apr71

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