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Field Officers Serving in Texas Confederate Regiments

Abercrombie, Leonard A.Lt. Col.20th Infantry
Alexander, Almerine M.Col.34th (Alexander's) Cavalry
Alexander, W. J.MajorTX Frontier Cavalry
Allen, Augustus C.Major19th Infantry
Allen, R. D.Major17th Infantry
Allen, Robert Thomas Pritchard (1813-9 July 1888)Col.4th Infantry; 17th Infantry
Anderson, J. B.Major1st Infantry Bn, State Troops
Anderson, Thomas S.Lt. Col.6th Infantry
Anderson, Thomas Scott (c1827-26 Sept 1868)Col.Anderson's-Border's Cavalry
Andrews, Julius A.Col.32nd Cavalry
Archer, James J. (19 Dec 1817-24 Oct 1864)Col.5th Infantry
Bagby, Arthur PendletonCol.[promoted to Brig. Gen'l, Major Gen'l]7th Cavalry
Baird, Spruce McCoy (8 Oct 1814-5 June 1872)Col. 4th Cavalry, AZ Brigade
Bane, John P.Col.4th Infantry
Barker, J. J. A.Major3rd Cavalry
Barnes, James W.Lt. Col.4th Infantry, State Troops
Barry, James BucknerMajor1st Cavalry (McCulloch's)
Barry, James B.Lt. Col.TX Frontier Cavalry
Barton, James M.Lt. Col.10th Cavalry
Bass, Frederick S. (-July 1897)Col.1st Infantry
Bass, Thomas C.Col.20th Cavalry
Bates, James C.Major9th Cavalry
Bates, JosephCol.13th Infantry
Battle, Nicholas W.Col.30th Cavalry
Baylor, George W.Col.2nd Cavalry, AZ Brigade
Baxter, Eli H.Col.28th Cavalry
Baylor, George W.Lt. Col.2nd Cavalry Bn, AZ Brigade
Baylor, John Robert (20 July 1822-6 Feb 1894)Lt. Col.2nd Cavalry
Beaty, Charles R.Lt. Col.13th Cavalry
Beaumont, EdwardMajor1st Cavalry (Yager's)
Beeson, William E.Lt. Col.9th (Maxey's) Infantry
Bell, Robert E.Major20th Infantry
Benavides, Santos (1 Nov 1821-9 Nov 1891)Major; Col.33rd Cavalry; Benavides' Cavalry
Benton, Nat.Lt. Col.36th Cavalry
Berry, Thomas G.Lt. Col.9th Cavalry
Black, Harvey H.Lt. Col.1st Infantry
Boggess, Giles S.Lt. Col.3rd Cavalry
Bollong, E. S.MajorWaul's Legion
Bone, H. F.Major11th Cavalry
Boone, Hannibal H.Major13th Cavalry Bn
Bonner, Thomas R.Col.18th Infantry
Border, John Pelham (1821-12 June 1873)Lt. Col., Col.Anderson's-Border's Cavalry
Botts, Walter B.Lt. Col.5th Infantry
Bounds, Joseph M.Col.11th Cavalry
Bourland, James (1801-1868)Lt. Col., Col.Border Cavalry [Bn]
Brackenridge, John T.Major33rd Cavalry
Bradford, Charles M.Col.Bradford's Cavalry
Brasher, Seymour C.Major10th Infantry
Brooks, S. H.Lt. Col.Terry's Cavalry
Broocks, John H.Lt. Col.27th Cavalry
Broughton, Dempsey W.Major20th Cavalry
Brown, Reuben R. (1808?-after 1874)Lt. Col.; Col.12th Cavalry Bn; 13th Infantry; 35th (Brown's) Cavalry
Bryan, KingLt. Col.5th Infantry
Bryan, Moses A.Major4th Infantry, State Troops
Buchel, Augustus C. (1811-15 April 1864)Lt. Col.; Col.3rd Infantry; 1st Cavalry (Buchel's); mortally wounded, Red River Campaign
Buck, John A.Lt. Col.22nd Cavalry
Buford, Nathaniel Macon (24 June 1824-)Col.19th Cavalry
Burks, John C.Col.11th Cavalry
Burleson, Andrew B.Lt. Col.12th Cavalry
Burleson, Edward, jr. (26 Nov 1826-12 May 1877)Major1st Cavalry (McCulloch's)
Burnet, JamesMajor1st Bn, Sharpshooters
Burnet, JamesMajor9th (Maxey's) Infantry
Burnett, John H.Col.13th Cavalry
Burns, A. D.Major1st Partisan Rangers
Burns, James R.Lt. Col.35th (Likens') Cavalry
Bush, William M.Major, Lt. Col.34th (Alexander's) Cavalry
Byrd, WilliamLt. Col.14th Infantry
Cameron, AllenMajorWaul's Legion
Camp, John Lafayette (20 Feb 1828-1891)Col.14th Cavalry
Camp, ThompsonMajor; Col.14th Cavalry; 2nd Infantry, State Troops
Canon, John J.Lt. Col.22nd Infantry
Caraway, Nathaniel J.Major11th Infantry
Carroll, Joseph A.Major29th Cavalry
Carter, Benjamin F.Lt. Col.4th Infantry
Carter, George W.Col.21st Cavalry
Carter, J. C.Major2nd Cavalry Bn, State Troops
Cathey, William H.Major15th Cavalry
Caton, William R.Lt. Col.23rd Cavalry
Caudle, John H.Lt. Col., Col.34th (Alexander's) Cavalry
Cayce, Henry P.Lt. Col.13th Infantry
Chenoweth, Benjamin D.Major21st Cavalry
Chilton, George W.Major3rd Cavalry
Chisum, IshamCol.2nd Partisan Rangers
Christian, Samuel P.Lt. Col.8th Cavalry
Clark, Edward (1 April 1815-4 May 1880)Col.14th Infantry
Clark, WilliamLt. Col.12th Infantry
Cleveland, L. G.Major1st Infantry, State Troops
Clopton, Albert G.Lt. Col.1st Infantry
Clough, Jeremiah M.Lt. Col.7th Infantry
Coit, John T.Lt. Col.18th Cavalry
Coleman, J. G.Major1st Cavalry, State Troops
Cook, GustaveCol.8th Cavalry
Cook, Joseph J.Col.1st Heavy Artillery
Cook, Joseph P.Lt. Col.3rd Artillery Bn
Cooke, H. W.Major4th Cavalry, State Troops
Corley, J. A.Lt. Col.23rd Cavalry
Coupland, A. J.Col.11th Infantry
Craig, W. D.Lt. Col.10th Cavalry
Crawford, Anderson F.Col.13th Cavalry
Crawford, William L.Lt. Col.19th Infantry
Crump, R. P.Major, Lt. Col.1st Cavalry Bn
Culberson, David Browning (29 Sept 1830-7 May 1900)Lt. Col., Col.18th Infantry
Cumby, Robert H.Col.3rd Cavalry
Dale, Matt.Major1st Infantry
Daniel John W.Lt. Col.15th Infantry
Darden, Stephen Heard (19 Nov 1816-16 May 1902)Col.5th Infantry, State Troops
Dark, Joseph N.Major25th Cavalry
Darnell, Nicholas Henry (20 April 1807-July 1885)Col.18th Cavalry
Davenport, John H.Major30th Cavalry
Davenport, M. W.Major34th Cavalry
Davidson, A. H.Lt. Col.1st Cavalry Bn, AZ Brigade
Davis, Joel T.Major19th Cavalry
Davis, Samuel B.Col.26th Cavalry
Deavenport, M. W.Major34th (Alexander's) Cavalry
Debray, Xavier B.Major2nd Infantry (Sharpshooters)
DeBray, Xavier BlanchardMajor; Lt. Col.; Col.; promoted to Brig. Gen'l2nd Infantry; DeBray's Cavalry; 26th Cavalry
DeMorse, Charles (31 Jan 1816-25 Oct 1887)Col.29th Cavalry
DeWalt, Kerr B.Col.1st Infantry, State Troops
Diamond, James J.Col.11th Cavalry
Diamond, John R.Lt. Col.Bourland's Cavalry
Diamond, William W.Lt. Col.16th Cavalry
Dillard, Miles A.Lt. Col.9th (Maxey's) Infantry
Dodson, J. N.Lt. Col.9th Cavalry
Donelson, JohnMajor2nd Cavalry
Dove, Thomas J.Major34th (Alexander's) Cavalry
Duff, JamesCol.33rd Cavalry
Dunaway, George O.Lt. Col.3rd Cavalry, State Troops
Earp, C. R.Col.10th Cavalry
Easley, Samuel A.Lt. Col.4th Cavalry, State Troops
Ector, Matthew DuncanCol.14th Cavalry
Ector, Wiley B.Major10th Cavalry
Elmore, Henry M.Col.20th Infantry
Estes, William E.Major32nd Cavalry
Evans, Marcus L.Lt. Col.8th Cavalry
Farrar, Lochlin J.Major12th Cavalry
Ferrill, Stephen C.Lt. Col.8th Cavalry
Fisher, RhoadsMajor6th Infantry
Fitzhugh, WilliamCol.16th Cavalry
Flournoy, George M. (30 Nov 1832-18 Sept 1889)Col.16th Infantry
Fly, George Walter Lamar (2 June 1835-27 Jan 1905)Major2nd Infantry (Sharpshooters)
Foard, Robert L.Major13th Infantry
Ford, John Salmon ["Rip"] (26 May 1815-3 Nov 1897)Col.2nd Cavalry
Fowler, Andrew J.Lt. Col.20th Cavalry
Frost, Thomas C.Lt. Col.1st Cavalry (McCulloch's)
Fulcrod, Philip Lt. Col.Anderson's-Border's Cavalry
Gano, Richard MontgomeryLt. Col.Gano's Cavalry Battalion
Garland, Robert S.Col.6th Infantry
Garrison, Fleming H.Major14th Cavalry
Gaston, Matthew A.Major18th Infantry
Giddings, DeWitt Clinton (18 July 1827-19 Aug 1903)Lt. Col.21st Cavalry
Giddings, George H. (1823-)Lt. Col.Giddings' Cavalry Bn.
Gillespie, Clayton C.Col.25th Cavalry
Gould, Nicholas C.Col.23rd Cavalry
Gould, Robert S.Lt. Col.6th Cavalry Bn
Graham, Robert H.Lt. Col.19th Infantry
Granbury, Hiram Bronson (-30 Nov 1864)Col.; promoted to Brig. Gen'l7th Infantry; KIA, Franklin, TN
Grant, Isaac A.Lt. Col.23rd Cavalry
Gray, Edward F.Lt. Col.3rd Infantry
Green, Thomas (-12 April 1864)Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l5th Cavalry; KIA, Bayou Pierre [Blair's Landing]
Greer, Elkanah BrackinCol.; promoted Brig. Gen'l3rd Cavalry
Gregg, Edward P.Col.16th Cavalry
Gregg, John (-7 Oct 1864)Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l7th Infantry; KIA, Darbytown Road, VA
Griffin, William H.Lt. Col.Griffin's Infantry Bn
Griffin, William M.Lt. Col.21st Infantry
Griffith, John Summerfield (17 June 1829-6 Aug 1901)Lt. Col.6th (2nd) Cavalry
Guess, G. W.Lt. Col.31st Cavalry
Gurley, Edward J.Col.30th Cavalry
Hall, Henry G.Lt. Col.28th Cavalry
Hamner, H. A.MajorGriffin's Infantry Battalion
Hampton, G. J.Lt. Col.4th Cavalry
Hardeman, PeterCol.1st Cavalry, AZ Brigade
Hardeman, William P.Col.1st Cavalry, AZ Brigade
Hardeman, William P.Lt. Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l4th Cavalry
Harding, Richard J.Major, Lt. Col.1st Infantry
Harris, AbramLt. Col.14th Cavalry
Harrison, James EdwardCol.; promoted Brig. Gen'l15th Infantry
Harrison, ThomasCol.; promoted Brig. Gen'l8th Cavalry
Harrison, W. M.Major9th (Maxey's) Infantry
Haskell, Alexander M.Major6th Infantry
Hawkins, Edwin R.Col.27th Cavalry
Hawpe, Tresevant C.Col.31st Cavalry
Hendricks, Sterling B.Lt. Col.17th Cavalry
Henry, PatrickMajor28th Cavalry
Herbert, P. T.Lt. Col.7th Cavalry
Hoffmann, GustaveMajor7th Cavalry
Hobby, A. M.Col.8th Infantry
Holland, D. D.Lt. Col.1st Cavalry Bn, State Troops
Holman, Cyrus K.Major27th Cavalry
Holmes, Stokely M.Major36th Cavalry
Hood, John BellCol.; promoted Brig. Gen'l, Major Gen'l, Lt. Gen'l, Gen'l4th Infantry
Hooks, Rober W.Lt. Col.11th Cavalry
Hoxey, Thomas R.MajorBradford's Cavalry
Hubbard, Richard Bennett (1 Nov 1832-12 July 1901)Lt. Col.; Col.5th Infantry Battalion; 22nd Infantry
Hunter, SherrodMajor2nd Cavalry, AZ Brigade
Hutchison, W. O.Lt. Col.36th Cavalry
Ireland, John (21 Jan 1827-15 March 1896)Lt. Col.8th Infantry
Irvine, J. S.Major11th (Spaight's) Cavalry/Infantry Bn
Jarman, William R.Major8th Cavalry
Johnson, J. B.Col.4th Cavalry, State Troops
Johnson, John R.Major20th Cavalry
Johnson, Middleton Tate (1810-13 May 1866)Col.14th Cavalry
Johnson, William H.Lt. Col.22nd Cavalry
Jones, DudleyCol.9th Cavalry
Jones, George Washington (5 Sept 1828-11 July 1903)Col.17th Infantry
Jones, James Henry (30 Sept 1830-22 March 1904)Col.11th Infantry
Jones, Tignal W.Col.1st Cavalry, State Troops
Jordan, PowhatanLt. Col.7th Cavalry
Kampmann, John H.Major3rd Infantry
Kennard, John R.Major10th Infantry
Key, John C. G.Col.4th Infantry
King, Wilburn Hill (10 June 1839-1910)Lt. Col., Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l, 11 May 6418th Infantry
Krumbhaar, William ButlerCapt., MajorKrumbhaar's Texas Battery; 6th Artillery Bn., Trans-Mississippi Dept.
Labuzan, A. S.Major3rd Artillery Bn
Lane, Walter PayeLt. Col.; Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l3rd Cavalry; 1st Partisan Rangers
Lesueur, Charles M.Major4th Cavalry
Lewelling, ThomasLt. Col.22nd Cavalry
Likens, James B.Col.35th (Likens') Cavalry
Locke, Matthew F.Col.10th Cavalry
Lockridge, Samuel A.Major5th Cavalry
Looscan, MichaelMajor1st Cavalry Bn, AZ Brigade
Looscan, MichaelMajor1st Cavalry, AZ Brigade
Looscan, Michael (1840-1897)Major31st Cavalry
Lott, Elias E.Lt. Col.22nd Infantry
Lubbock, Thomas S. (1817-23 Jan 1862?)Lt. Col., Col.8th Cavalry
Lucket, Philip N.Col.3rd Infantry
McClarty, JohnLt. Col.17th Cavalry
McCord, James Ebenezer (4 July 1834-)Col.TX Frontier Cavalry
McCulloch, Ben (-7 March 1862)Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'lState Troops; KIA, Elk Horn Tavern, VA
McCulloch, Henry EustaceCol.; promoted Brig. Gen'l1st Cavalry (McCulloch's)
McGinnis, Noble L.Major, Lt. Col., Col.2nd Infantry (Sharpshooters)
McLean, James B.Major2nd Cavalry, State Troops
McLeod, Hugh (1 Aug 1814-3 Jan 1862)Major, Lt. Col., Col.1st Infantry
McNeill, Henry C.Col.5th Cavalry
McPhaill, Hugh A.Major5th Cavalry
McReynolds, Felix C.Major21st Infantry
McReynolds, James H.Major9th (Maxey's) Infantry
Mabry, Hinchie ParhamCol.; promoted Brig. Gen'l3rd Cavalry
Madison, George T.Lt. Col.3rd Cavalry Bn, AZ Brigade
Mains, Samuel F.Lt. Col.14th Cavalry
Malone, F. J.Col.30th Cavalry
Manley, John H.Lt. Col.1st Heavy Artillery
Mann, Walter E.Col.Mann's Cavalry
Mann, Walter L.Lt. Col.Bradford's Cavalry
Marshall, John (1812-27 June 1862)Lt. Col., Col.4th Infantry; KIA, Gaines' Mill
Martin, Leonidas M.Col.5th Partisan Rangers
Martin, William Harrison (23 May 1823-3 Feb 1898)Major4th Infantry
Massie, Josiah C.Lt. Col.9th (Nichol's) Infantry
Masten, William K.Lt. Col.15th Cavalry
Mayrant, John W.Major11th Cavalry
Maxey, Samuel BellCol.; promoted Brig. Gen'l, Major Gen'l9th Infantry
Mayrant, William N.Major5th Partisan Rangers
Menard, MedardLt. Col.26th Cavalry
Merrick, George W.Lt. Col.22nd Cavalry
Messick, Otis M.Col.11th Cavalry
Miller, CrillLt. Col.2nd Partisan Rangers
Miller, Joseph Z.Lt. Col.17th Infantry
Mills, Roger Quarles (30 March 1832-2 Sept 1911)Col.10th Infantry
Moody, William L.Col.7th Infantry
Moore, George Fleming (17 July 1822-30 Aug 1883)Col.17th Cavalry
Moore, John CreedCol.; promoted Brig. Gen'l2nd Infantry
Morgan, Charles C.Major18th Cavalry
Morgan, Hiram S.MajorTerrell's Cavalry
Morin, John M.Lt. Col.3rd Cavalry Bn, State Troops
Mullen, John W.Lt. Col.2nd Cavalry, AZ Brigade
Mullen, John W.Lt. Col.12th Cavalry
Myers, John J.Col.26th Cavalry
Myers, Robert A.Major1st Cavalry (Buchel's)
Nathusius, OttoMajorWaul's Legion
Nelson, Allison (-11 Oct 1862)Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l10th Infantry
Neyland, Robert R.Lt. Col.24th Cavalry
Neyland, William M.Lt. Col.25th Cavalry
Nichols, E. B.Col.9th (Nichol's) Infantry
Nicholson, Andrew J.Lt. Col.11th Cavalry
Nolan, MatthewMajor; Lt. Col.2nd Cavalry; Benavides' Cavalry
Norris, James N.Col.TX Frontier Cavalry
Obenchain, Alfred T.Lt. Col.TX Frontier Cavalry
Ochiltree, William Beck (18 Oct 1811-27 Dec 1867)Col.18th Cavalry
Oliver, John E.MajorMann's Cavalry
Owens, George W.Major26th Cavalry
Owens, George W.MajorTerrell's Cavalry
Parker, H. S.MajorWaul's Legion
Parkes, Benjamin F.Major22nd Infantry
Parks, William H.Major2nd Infantry, State Troops
Parsons, William H.Col.12th Cavalry
Peak, William W.Major31st Cavalry
Perkins, Samuel W.Major12th Cavalry Bn
Perkins, Samuel W.Lt. Col.35th (Brown's) Cavalry
Perry, Stephen S.Major13th Infantry
Phillips, Alexander H., jrMajor6th Infantry
Phillips, JosephCol.3rd Cavalry, AZ Brigade
Philpott, B. A.Lt. Col.12th Infantry
Pickett, Edward B.Major25th Cavalry
Pickett, George B.Lt. Col.15th Cavalry
Powell, Robert M.Col.5th Infantry
Purdy, LemMajor14th Cavalry
Puryear, John B.Major11th Cavalry
Pyron, Charles L.Col.2nd Cavalry
Quattlebaum, Paul J.Major5th Infantry
Quayle, WilliamLt. Col.9th Cavalry
Raguet, Henry W.Major4th Cavalry
Raine, James W.Lt. Col.12th Infantry
Rainey, Alexis T.Major, Lt. Col., Col.1st Infantry
Randal[l], Horace (-30 April 1864)Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l28th Cavalry; KIA, Jenkins Ferry, AR,
Rayburn, Leander M.Major8th Cavalry
Redwine, Hulum D. E.Major10th Cavalry
Redwood, William H.Lt. Col.
Reeves, George R. (1826-5 Sept 1882)Col.11th Cavalry
Reily, James (3 July 1811-14 April 1863)Col.4th Cavalry
Richardson, Thomas J. M.Col.3rd Cavalry, State Troops
Ridley, AlonzoMajor3rd Cavalry, AZ Brigade
Riordan, EdwardLt. Col.1st Cavalry, AZ Brigade
Riordan, EdwardMajor4th Cavalry, AZ Brigade
Roberts, Oran Milo (9 July 1815-19 May 1898)Col.11th Infantry
Robertson, Felix HustonMajor; promoted Brig. Gen'lof artillery, Wheeler's Cavalry Corps
Robertson, Jerome BonaparteLt. Col., Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l5th Infantry
Robertson, John C.Lt. Col.Terrell's Cavalry
Roff, Charles L.MajorBorder Cavalry
Rogers, Augustus H.Major14th Infantry
Rogers, E. W.Major12th Cavalry
Rogers, JeffersonMajor5th Infantry
Rogers, L. M.Major3rd Cavalry, State Troops
Rogers, William P. (27 Dec 1817-4 Oct 1862)Lt. Col., Col.2nd Infantry (Sharpshooters); KIA, Corinth
Ross, Peter F. (27 July 1836-26 March 1909)Major, Lt. Col.6th Cavalry
Ross, Lawrence Sullivan [Sul] (27 Sept 1838-8 Jan 1898)Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l6th Cavalry
ROSSER, Thomas Lafayette (15 Oct 1836-20 March 1910Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l, Major Gen'l5th VA Cavalry
Rountree, Lee C.Major13th Infantry
RountreeMajor35th (Brown's) Cavalry
Rountree, Thomas H.Major11th Infantry
Runnels, Hal G.Major2nd Infantry
Russell, John R.Major, Lt. Col.34th (Alexander's) Cavalry
Ryan, William A.Major18th Cavalry
Sanders, Valerius P.Major15th Cavalry
Saufley, W. P.Major1st Partisan Rangers
Saunders, Xenophon B.Major16th Infantry
Sayles, John (9 March 1825-22 May 1897)Col.4th Infantry, State Troops
Scoggins, L. G.Major3rd Cavalry Bn, State Troops
Scurry, William Read (10 Feb 1821-30 April 1864)Lt. Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l4th Cavalry; KIA, Jenkins Ferry, AR,
Settle, Marcus G.Lt. Col.1st Infantry Bn, State Troops
Shannon, Denman W.Lt. Col.5th Cavalry
Shea, Daniel D.Lt. Col.8th Infantry
Shepard, James E.Lt. Col.16th Infantry
Showalter, DanielLt. Col.4th Cavalry, AZ Brigade
Sims, William B.Col.9th Cavalry
Smith, Ashbel (13 Aug 1805-11 Jan 1886)Lt. Col., Col.2nd Infantry
Smith, ErastusMajor12th Infantry
Smith, GideonCol.2nd Cavalry, State Troops
Smith, John R.MajorWaul's Legion
Spaight, Ashley W.Lt. Col.11th (Spaight's) Cavalry/Infantry BN
Spaight, Ashley W. (24 Nov 1821-21 Dec 1911)Col.21st Infantry
Speight, J. W.Col.15th Infantry
Spencer, William A.Major2nd Cavalry
Stanley, Wright A.Col.9th (Maxey's) Infantry
Steale, Elias T.Major13th Cavalry
Steele, O.Lt. Col.Waul's Legion
Steele, William (1 May 1819-12 Jan 1885)Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l7th Cavalry
Stevens, James G.Col.22nd Cavalry
Stidham, G. W.Lt. Col.1st Cavalry, State Troops
Stone, Absolom B.Major3rd Cavalry
Stone, Barton WarrenCol.2nd Partisan; 6th (2nd) Cavalry
Stone, Robert D.Lt. Col.22nd Cavalry
Stubbs, Thomas B.Lt. Col.1st Infantry, State Troops
Sublett, Franklin B.Lt. Col.2nd Infantry, State Troops
Sutton, J. S.Lt. Col.7th Cavalry
Swearingen, Parick H.Lt. Col.24th Cavalry
Sweet, George H.Col.15th Cavalry
Sweet, James R.Lt. Col.33rd Cavalry
Tabor, John W.Major17th Infantry
Tackett, SevierMajor34th (Alexander's) Cavalry
Tait, Charles William (4 June 1815-2 Nov 1879)Major, Lt. Col.4th Cavalry Bn, State Troops
Taliaferro, T. D.Lt. Col.20th Cavalry
Tate, FredMajor9th (Nichol's) Infantry
Taylor, Ennis W.Col.19th Infantry
Taylor, James R.Col.17th Cavalry
Taylor, JosephMajor1st Cavalry Bn, State Troops
Taylor, JosephMajor1st Cavalry (McCulloch's)
Taylor, Robert H. (5 July 1825-1888?)Col.22nd Cavalry
Taylor, William A.Col.24th Cavalry
Terrell, Alexander Watkins (23 Nov 1827-8 Sept 1912)Major; Lt. Col.; Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l1st Cavalry, AZ Brigade; Terrell's Cavalry Bn.; 34th Cavalry
Terry, Benjamin Franklin (18 Feb 1821-17 Dec 1861)Col.8th Cavalry
Terry, David S.Col.Terry's Cavalry
Throckmorton, James W.Major2nd Partisan Rangers
Timmins, William C.Major, Lt. Col.2nd Infantry
Timmons, BarnardCol.Waul's Legion
Townes, Eggleston D.Major4th Cavalry Bn, State Troops
Townes, N. W.Col.9th Cavalry
Townsend, W. P.Major4th Infantry
Tucker, Thomas F.Col.17th Cavalry
Upton, John Cunningham (22 Jan 1828-29 Aug 1862)Lt. Col.5th Infantry; KIA, 2nd Manassas
Upton, William Felton (1832-7 Feb 1887)Lt. Col.Mann's Cavalry
Vance, James G.Major2nd Partisan Rangers
Van Zandt, Khleber M.Major7th Infantry
Veal, Jesse T.Col.3rd Infantry, State Troops
Vernon, John A.Major8th Infantry
Von Harten, EdwardMajor1st Heavy Artillery
Walker, JamesLt. Col.2nd Cavalry
Walker, John G.Lt. Col.8th Cavalry
Waller, Edward jr.Major2nd Cavalry
Waller, Edward jr.Lt. Col.13th Cavalry Bn
Ward, J. F.Lt. Col.2nd Infantry
Warwick, Bradfute (24 Nov 1839-6 July 1862)Lt. Col.4th Infantry; mortally wounded, Gaines' Mill
Waterhouse, Richard, jr.Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l19th Infantry
Watson, Benjamin W.Lt. Col.19th Cavalry
Watson, John R.Col.18th Infantry
Waul, Thomas Neville (5 Jan 1813-28 July 1903)Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'lWaul's Legion
Weaver, James A.Lt. Col.32 Cavalry
Weaver, William M.Lt. Col.5th Partisan Rangers
Weeks, Benjamin F.MajorWaul's Legion
Welch, Otis G.Lt. Col.29th Cavalry
Wells, John W.Lt. Col.Wells' Cavalry Battalion
Whaley, David M.Major5th Infantry
Wharton, JackCol.6th (2nd) Cavalry
Wharton, John Austin (3 July 1828-1864)Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l, Major Gen'l8th Cavalry
White, Robert M.Lt. Col.6th (2nd) Cavalry
Whitfield, John T.Major27th Cavalry
Whitfield, John Wilkins (11 March 1818-27 Oct 1879)Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l27th Cavalry
Wigfall, Louis Trezevant (21 April 1816-18 Feb 1874)Lt. Col., Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l1st Infantry
Wilkes, Franklin C.Col.24th Cavalry
Wilmeth, J. B.Col.3rd Infantry, State Troops
Willis, L.Lt. Col.Waul's Legion
Wilson, Stephen B.Lt. Col.6th (2nd) Cavalry
Winkler, Clinton McKamy (19 Oct 1821-13 May 1882)Lt. Col.4th Infantry
Wood, Joseph G. W.Col.18th Infantry
Woods, Peter C.Col.36th Cavalry
Woodward, John R.Major1st Infantry
Wooten, George H.Lt. Col.34th (Alexander's) Cavlary
Work, Philip AlexanderLt. Col.1st Infantry
Wortham, William A.Major35th (Linens') Cavalry
Wrigley, JamesLt. Col.Waul's Legion
Yager, William O.Major; Lt. Col.3rd Cavalry Bn.; 1st Cavalry (Buchel's)
Young, OvertonCol.12th Infantry
Young, Robert B.Lt. Col.10th Infantry
Young, William Cocke (12 May 1812-16 Oct 1862)Col.11th Cavalry
Young, William Hugh (1 Jan 1838-28 Nov 1901)Col.; promoted Brig. Gen'l9th Infantry