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Timeline for Activities in Florida During the Civil War



January 6-State troops seize the Arsenal at Apalachicola
January 7-State troops seize Fort Marion at St. Augustine
January 10-Florida adopts Ordinance of Secession
January 10-Adam Slemmer transfers U. S. troops from Barrancas Barracks to Fort Pickens
January 12-State troops seize the Pensacola Navy Yard, Fort Barrancas, Fort McRee, and Barrancas Barracks
January 12-Confederate officials demand the surrender of Fort Pickens
January 14-U.S. forces garrison Fort Taylor
January 18-Confederate officials demand the surrender of Fort Pickens
January 18-Union troops garrison Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas
January 20--Florida adopts its Ordinance of Secession

February 6-The U.S.S. Brooklyn arrives off Santa Rosa Island with reinforcements for Fort Pickens

April 7-Reinforcements sail from New York to Fort Pickens
April 12-Union reinforcements land a Fort Pickens
April 17-Union reinforcements from New York arrive at Fort Pickens
August 5-The U.S.S. Vincennes burns the bark Alvarado
September 2-Union forces destroy the naval drydocks at the navy yard
September 14-Union descends on the navy yard at Pensacola
October 9-Battle of Santa Rosa Island
October 10-Confederates seize the Union sloops William Batty and Lyman Dudley
October 13-Union forces capture steamer Salvor
November 22-23-Bombardment of Confederate lines


January 1-Artillery exchange between Union at Fort Pickens and Confederates at Forts McRee and Barrancas
January 6-Naval decent on Cedar Keys
March 3-Confederate troops evacuate Amelia Island
March 4-Union troops occupy Amelia Island
March 12-Union troops occupy Jacksonville
March 23-Affair at New Smyrna
April 7-Affair at Saint Andrews Bay
April 9-Union troops evacuate Jacksonville
April 10-Skirmish near Fernandina
May 9-Confederates abandon Pensacola and the Union occupies
May 20-Affair on Crooked River
May 27-31-Union reconnaissance on Santa Rosa Island
June 14-15-Union expedition from Pensacola to Milton
May 23-Affair at Smyrna
June 15-Naval Descent on St. Marks
June 25-Skirmish near Pensacola
June 30-July 1-Naval bombardment of Tampa
August 7-10-Union troops make a reconnaissance to Milton and Bagdad from Pensacola
September 11-Engagement at St. Johns Bluff
September 30-October 13-Union expedition from Hilton Head to St Johns Bluff
October 1-Engagement at St. Johns Bluff
October 2-Skirmish near St. Johns Bluff and Mayport Mills
October 3-Union captures St. Johns Bluff
October 5-Union forces retake Jacksonville
October 6-9-Union troops mount an expedition to Lake Beresford
October 7-Union captures Confederate the steamer Governor Milton
October 10-11-Confederate forces seize Lake City
December 10-Union losses the ship Memnonium Sanford


January 9-Union loses troop transport Sparkling Sea
January 23-Union expedition on the St. Mary's River
January 26-Skirmish at Township Landing
March 10-Union troops reoccupy Jacksonville
March 20-24-Union troops evacuate Pensacola
March 24-Affair in Ocklockonee Bay
March 25-Skirmish near Jacksonville
March 27-Skirmish at Palatka
March 29- Union troops evacuate Jacksonville
August 19-Union captures signal station at St. Johns Mill
October 16-Engagement at Fort Brooke
December 10-19-Union decent on Confederate salt works on Choctawhatchee Bay
December 30-Skirmish near St. Augustine


January 25-Affair at Grand Bayou, near Pensacola
January 27-Skirmish on Black Creek at Whiteside
January 7-Skirmish at Whiteside (Black Creek)
February 7-Union troops occupy Jacksonville
February 8-Skirmish at Ten-Mile Run near Camp Finegan
February 9-Skirmish near Point Washington
February 9-10-Union expedition up the Nassau River from Fernandina
February 10-Skirmish at Barber's Ford
February 10-Union troops capture Camp Cooper
February 11-Skirmish at Lake City
February 13-14-Skirmish at Pease Creek (Peace Creek)
February 14-Skirmish at Gainesville
February 15-Union troops conduct an expedition from Fernandina to Woodstock mills and King's Ferry Mills
February 20-Battle of Olustee (Ocean Pond)
February 20-Skirmish at Pease Creek (Peace Creek)
March 1-Skirmish at McGirt's Creek
March 13-Union forces capture the Confederate steamer General Sumter on Lake George
March 16-Skirmish near Palatka
March 20-Affair in St. Andrews Bay
April 1-Union expedition against Fort Gates from Palatka
April 1-Confederate torpedo destroys U. S. steamer Maple Leaf on St. Johns River
April 2-Skirmish on Cedar Creek
April 2-Skirmish at Cow Ford Creek, near Pensacola
August 13-Skirmish at Palatka
April 26-May 6-Union expedition from Jacksonville to Lake Monroe
May 6-Affair at Tampa
May 16-Confederate torpedo destroys U. S. steamer General Hunter on St. Johns River
May 9-Confederate torpedo destroys U. S. troop transport Harriet A. Weed on the St. Johns River
May 19-27-Operation on the St. Johns River
May 19-Confederates capture U.S.S. Columbine
May 25-Affair at Jackson's Bridge, near Pensacola
May 28-Skirmish near Jacksonville
June 2-Union forces capture Camp Milton
June 24-Union operation on the Yellow River
July 15-Skirmish at Trout Creek
July 21-25-Union troops mount an expedition from Barrancas to Pollard, Alabama
July 23-28-Union troops raid Baldwin from Jacksonville
July 24-Skirmish at Whitesville
August 10-Skirmish at Baldwin
August 12-Skirmish at Baldwin
August 15-19-Union raid on the Florida Railroad
August 17-Action at Gainesville during raid on the Florida railroad
August 29-Skirmish at Milton
October 18-Skirmish near Milton
October 24-Skirmish at Bryant's Plantation
October 25-28-Union forces conduct an expedition up Blackwater Bay
September 10-October-4-Union troops mount an expedition from Barrancas to Marianna, Florida
September 14-Skirmish near Magnolia (Hote) and Steam
October 24-Skirmish near Magnolia (Hote) and Steam
November 16-17-Union troops mount an expedition from Barrancas to Pine Barren Bridge, Florida


February 2-Skirmish on St. Johns River
February 5-Action at Braddock's Farm near Welaka
February 13-Action at Station Number Four
February 16-Skirmish near Cedar Keys
February 19-Union expedition from Barrancas to Milton
February 20-Confederates attack Union forces at Fort Myers
February 22-25-Union expedition from Barrancas to Milton
March 4-5-Skirmish at East River Bridge
March 5-6Skirmish at Newport Bridge
March 6-Battle of Natural Bridge
March 19-Skirmish at Saunders
March 25-Action at Canoe Creek or Bluff Springs
March 25-Skirmish at Cotton Creek
March 25-Skirmish at Escambia River
March 25-Skirmish at Mitchell's Creek
March 30-Union advance on Pensacola
May 10-Confederate forces surrender to Brigadier General E. M. Cook at Tallahassee
May 17-20-Confederate forces surrender to Brigadier General Israel Vogdes
May 31-June 6-Union expedition from Barrancas to Apalachicola 

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