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Maj.-Gen. Alfred Pleasonton.


Brig.-Gen. John Buford.


First Brigade, Col. William Gamble:

8th Ill., Maj. John L. Beveridge;

12th Ill. (4 co's) and 3d Ind. (6 co's), Col. George H. Chapman;

8th N.Y., Lieut.-Col. William L. Markell.

Brigade loss: k, 13; w, 58; m, 28=99.

Second Brigade, Col. Thomas C. Devin:

6th N.Y., Maj. Win. E. Beardsley;

9th N.Y., Col. William Sackett;

17th Pa., Col. J. H. Kellogg;

3d W. Va. (2 co's), Capt. Seymour B. Conger.

Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 3; m, 23=28.

Reserve Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Wesley Merritt:

6th Pa., Maj. James H. Haseltine;

1st U.S., Capt. Robert S.C. Lord;

2d U.S., Capt. T. F. Rodenbough;

5th U.S., Capt. Julius W. Mason;

6th U.S., Maj. Samuel H. Starr (w and e), Lieut. Louis H. Carpenter, Lieutenant Nicholas Nolan, Captain Ira W. Claflin.

Brigade loss: k, 13; w, 55; m, 223 = 291.


Brig.-Gen. David McM. Gregg.

Head-quarters Guard:

A, 1st Ohio,

Capt. Noah Jones.

First Brigade, Col. John B. Mcintosh:

1st Md., Lieut.-Col. James M. Deems; A, Purnell (Md.) Legion, Capt. Robert E. Duvall;

1st Mass., Lieut.-Col. Greely S. Curtis;

1st N.J., Maj. M. H. Beaumont;

1st Pa., Col. John P. Taylor;

3d Pa., Lieut.-Col. E. S. Jones; Section Battery H,

3d Pa. Art'y, Captain William D. Rank.

Brigade loss: w, 26; m, 9 = 35.

Second Brigade, ($) Col. Pennock Huey:

2d N.Y., Lieut.-Col. Otto Harhaus;

4th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Augustus Pruyn;

6th Ohio, Maj. William Stedman;

8th Pa., Capt. William A. Corrie.

Third Bri gade, Col. J. Irvin Gregg:

1st Me., Lieut.-Col. Charles H. Smith;

10th N.Y., Major M. Henry Avery;

4th Pa., Lieut.-Colonel William E. Doster;

16th Pa., Lieut.-Colonel John K. Robison.

Brigade loss: k, 6; w, 12; m, 3 = 21.


Brig.-Gen. Judson Kilpatrick.

Head quarters Guard:

C, 1st Ohio, Capt. Samuel N. Stanford.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Elon J. Farnsworth (k), Col. Nathaniel P. Richmond:

5th N.Y., Maj. John Hammend;

18th Pa., Lieut.-Col. William P. Brinton;

1st Vt., Lieut.-Col. Addison W. Preston;

1st W. Va., Col. Nathaniel P. Richmond, Maj. Charles E. Capehart.

Brigade loss: k, 21; w, 34; m, 43=98.

Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. George A. Custer:

1st Mich., Col. Charles H. Town;

5th Mich., Col. Russell A. Alger;

6th Mich., Col. George Gray;

7th Mich., Col. William D. Mann.

Brigade loss: k, 32; w, 147; m, 78=257.


First Brigade, Capt. James M. Robertson:

9th Mich., Capt. Jabez J. Daniels;

6th N.Y., Capt. Joseph W. Martin; B and L,

2d U.S., Lieut. Edward Heaton; M,

2d U.S., Lieut. A. C. M. Pennington; E,

4th U.S., Lieut. Samuel S. Elder.

Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 6 = 8.

Second Brigade, Capt. John C. Tidball:

E and G, 1st U.S., Capt. Alanson M. Randol;

K, 1st U.S., Capt. William M. Graham;

A, 2d U.S., Lieut. John H. Calef;

C, 3d U.S.,(!) Lieut. William D. Fuller.

Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 13 = 15.


Brig.-Gen. Robert O. Tyler,

Capt. James M. Robertson.

Headquarters Guard:

C, 32d Mass., Capt. Josiah C. Fuller.

First Regular Brigade, Capt. Dunbar R. Ransom (w):

H, 1st U.S., Lieut. Chandler P. Eakin (w), Lieut. Philip D. Mason;

F and K, 3d U.S., Lieut. John G. Turnbull;

C, 4th U.S., Lieut. Evan Thomas;

C, 5th U.S., Lieut. Gullah V. Weir.

Brigade loss: k, 13; w, 53; m, 2 =68.

First Volunteer Brigade, Lieut.-Col. Freeman McGilvery:

5th Mass. (10th N.Y. attached), Capt. Charles A. Phillips;

9th Mass., Capt. John Bigelow (w), Lieut. Richard S. Milton;

15th N.Y., Capt. Patrick Hart (w);

C and F, Pa., Capt. James Thompson (w).

Brigade loss: k, 16; w, 71; m, 6 = 93.

Second Volunteer Brigade, Capt. Elijah D. Taft:

B, 1st Conn.,(%) Capt. Albert F. Brooker;

M, 1st Conn.,% Capt. Franklin A. Pratt; 2

d Conn., Capt. John W. Sterling;

5th N.Y., Capt. Elijah D. Taft.

Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 5; m, 2 = 8.

Third Volunteer Brigade, Capt. James F. Huntington:

1st N.H., Capt. Frederick M. Edgell;

H, 1st Ohio, Lieut. George W. Norton;

F and G, 1st Pa., Capt. R. Bruce Ricketts;

C, W. Va., Capt. Wallace Hill

Brigade loss: k, 10; w, 24; m, 3=37. .

Fourth Volunteer Brigade, Capt. Robert H. Fitzhugh:

6th Me.,-Lieut. Edwin B. Dew;

A, Md., Capt. James H. Rigby;

1st N.J., Lieut. Augustin N. Parsons;

G, 1st N.Y., Capt Nelson Ames;

K, 1st N.Y. (11th N.Y. attached), Capt. Robert H. Fitzhugh.

Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 34 = 36.

Train Guard:

4th N.J. (7 co's), Maj. Charles Ewing.

The total loss of the Union army was

3072 killed,

14,497 wounded,

and 5434 captured or missing

 = 23,003.



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