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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 4, vol 3, Part 1 (Blockade Runners)

removed at least once month, and in this connection I would state that I am organizing a company from men between forty-five and fifty years of age, of planters loyal and true to the Government, who are willing to mount and equip themselves and to perform police in addition to conscript duty in the Yazoo Valley.

I would respectfully suggest through you that you that this company be assigned to this service, as I am fully satisfied from the character of the men composing it that they would in all instances execute a rigid enforcement of the law without favor to any one, and thus to some extent secure the end so much desired.

I am, captain, with respect, your obedient servant,


Major and Dist. Enr., Officer, Comdg. Fifty Dist. of Mississippi.


Canton, August 2, 1864.


Respectfully forwarded to Captain Harris, special inspector for Department of Mississippi, Alabama, and East Louisiana, and attention asked to within statement of facts in connection with report from this office.


Captain, Commanding Post.

[Sub-inclosure No. 6.]


Canton, August 22, 1864.

Captain J. N. ARCHER,

Commanding Post, Canton, Miss.:

CAPTAIN: I respectfully submit the following report in case of A. D. Sheldon, a citizen of this place and an employe of the Mississippi Central Railroad:

Upon assuming the duties of enrolling officer at this place in April last I immediately inspected his papers, in order to determine his status, and was informed that he was an employe of the Mississippi Central Railroad, running from this place to Grenada, and that he was not then actually engaged on the railroad, being employed in carrying out a contract made by Colonel Goodman, president of the Mississippi Central Railroad, with the Confederate States of America for the purpose of bringing out goods from the enemy's lines in exchange for cotton, and exhibited to me a pass from Major gen. S. D. Lee, approved by General Wirt Adams, instructing all guards and pickets to pass him through our lines at all times until further orders, a copy of which is at this time impracticable to furnish, said A. D. Sheldon being absent.

I wrote to Colonel Goodman, the president of the railroad, in order to satisfy myself more fully as to the truth of the foregoing statements, and in a subsequent conversation had with him they were fully sustained.

Mr. Sheldon was reported through this office, in conformance with the requirements of the law, on the monthly reports of the railroad made to the commandant fort Mississippi, and now holds his exemption papers as an employe aforesaid road.

Respectfully submitted.


Lieutenant and Enrolling Officer.

OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 4, vol 3, Part 1 (Blockade Runners)
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