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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 2, vol 4, Part 1 (Prisoners of War)

HEADQUARTERS, Camp Douglas, Chicago, July 16, 1862.

Commissary-General of Prisoners, Detroit, Mich.

COLONEL: I have the honor to acknowledge your letters of 14th and 15th. I forward herewith statement respecting five women who have been found among the prisoners. I shall be happy to receive any instructions regarding them which you may see occasion to give. Also a communication regarding John Hayes, a prisoners of war held here. Also copy of letter from Captain J. Christopher dated June 14, giving statement of various funds accrued in his hands belonging to this camp.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel Sixty-ninth Illinois Volunteers, Commanding.

[Inclosure Numbers 1.]

JULY 16, 1862.

Particulars respecting the five female prisoners in Camp Douglas:

Rebecca Parish, born in Lee County, Ga. ; about twenty-eight years of age; has always lived in Sumter County, Ga., till this last year; has been three years and a half married; her parents live in Barbour County, Ala. ; removed with her husband, a soldier in the Confederate service, and two children to Island Numbers 10 about the 1st of March last. Her husband and two children had died by the middle of April, since which time she has lived under the protection of her brother, and on the 15th of April she was taken prisoner with her brother, a soldier in the Confederate service, at Island Numbers 10. Having no friends there and no money to take her home, she preferred remaining with her brother, although the medical men in charge at Madison, Wis., would have given her her liberty and sent her back as far as Cairo.

Harriet Redd, born in Wayne County, Miss. ; about twenty-four years of age; has lived the greater part of her life in Pike County, Ala. ; her parents live in Wayne County, Miss. ; two years and a half since she removed with her husband to Pike County, Ala., where she remained till her husband joined the Confederate Army, last January, and was taken prisoner with him at Island Numbers 10, while an invalid and has so continued and lives with her husband in this camp.

Araminta Palmer, born in Pike County, Ky., is about twenty-two years of age; has mostly lived in Great Bend, [Meigs] County, Ohio; was married about two years since; went to Columbus, Ky., with her husband about a year and a half since, where her husband, an invalid, was sworn to support the Confederacy. Her husband has been dead ten months; was a cook in the Confederate hospital at Island Numbers 10 when taken prisoner on the 8th of last April. Has no relations within 800 miles of her and has been sickly in camp. Her parents are good Union people.

Amelia Davis, born in East Brandon, Vt. ; is about thirty-three years of age; left Vermont at the age of 18; has lived in many parts of the Union; has been married twice. Her present husband is a seafaring man, whom she married in Baltimore two years since. Both husband and wife were respectively employed as cook and stewardess on board the steamer Red Rover when taken by General Buell at Island Numbers 10 and both sent prisoners to Camp Douglas together with a little boy eight years of age. Does not know that she has any relatives alive.

Bridget Higgins, born in Galway, Ireland; came to America in 1857; was married in Baltimore. Her husband was obliged to join the Confederate

OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 2, vol 4, Part 1 (Prisoners of War)
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