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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 42, Part 2 (Richmond-Fort Fisher)
Page 1306 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LIV.

Abstract from inspection report of Anderson's division, Major General William Mahone commanding, for September 29, 1864.

Present for


Command. Officers Men. Aggregate

effective for

the field.

Mahone's brigade (Weisiger) 72 968 ---

Harris' brigade (Harris) 61 498 ---

Wright's brigade (Gibson) 67 1,037 ---

Finegan's brigade,
(Finegan) 86 592 ---

Perry's brigade,

Total 286 3,095 3,381

Command. Aggregate Aggregate

present. present and


Mahone's brigade (Weisiger) 1,232 2,598

Harris' brigade (Harris) 897 1,915

Wright's brigade (Gibson) 1,390 2,988

Finegan's brigade,
(Finegan) 667 3,181

Perry's brigade,

Total 4,686 10,682

Organization of Anderson's Division.


Mahone's Brigade.


6th Virginia, Colonel George T. Rogers.

12th Virginia, Major J. Richard Lewellen.

16th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Richard O. Whitehead.

41st Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph P. Minetree.

61st Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel William H. Stewart.

Wright's Brigade.


3rd Georgia, Captain James K. WRIGHT.

22nd Georgia, Captain George W. Thomas.

48th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel M. R. Hall.

64th Georgia, Captain James G. Brown.

2nd Georgia Battalion, Captain George S. Jones.

10th Georgia Battalion, Captain William A. Greer.

Harris' Brigade.

Brigadier General NATHANIEL H. HARRIS.

12th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas B. Manlove.

16th Mississippi, Captain John S. Lewis.

19th Mississippi, Colonel Richard W. Phipps.

48th Mississippi, Colonel Joseph M. Jayne.

Finegan's and Perry's Brigades.

Brigadier General JOSEPH FINEGAN.

2nd Florida, Captain John B. G. O'Neil.

5th Florida, Captain John W. Holleyman.

8th Florida, J. Anthony Pacetty.

9th Florida, Colonel John M. Martin.

10th Florida, Lieutenant Colonel William W. Scott.

11th Florida,* Colonel Theodore W. Brevard.

CHAFFIN'S BLUFF, September 30, 1864 - 8.10 p. m.

Honorable JAS. A. SEDDON,

Secretary of War:

An attempt was made this afternoon to retake Battery Harrison, which, though partly successful, failed.

R. E. LEE.


Numbers --.
September 30, 1864.

I. Battalion commanders will make arrangements with the engineer officers to have all guns which are exposed to the fire of the enemy's


*Two companies Bonaud's (Georgia) battalion attached to this regiment.


Page 1306 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LIV.
OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 42, Part 2 (Richmond-Fort Fisher)
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