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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 19, Part 1 (Antietam)

I inclose the reports of the commanding officers of the batteries,* from which this is condensed, from which you will be able to learn the reasons for the separate reports, losses, absence, &c.

Very respectfully,


Major and Chief of Artillery, Jackson's Division.

Numbers 269. Report of Brigadier General Jubal A. Early, C. S. Army, commanding Ewell's division, of operations September 3-27.

January 12, 1863.

CAPTAIN: In accordance with instructions from the headquarters of the corps, I submit the following report of the operations of this division since the movement from the neighborhood of Gordonsville, northward, in the month of August last, until it reached Bunker Hill, in September:

This report, however, is necessarily defective in regard to all the other brigades of the division except my own, as there were other division commanders until after the commencement of the battle of Sharpsburg, on September 17-Major-General Ewell having commanded until the night of August 28, when he was wounded in the action near Groveton, and Brigadier-General Lawton having command from that time until he was wounded at the battle of Sharpsburg. It is impossible to supply the necessary information in regard to the particular parts taken by Lawton's and Trimble's brigades in the several actions commencing with the affairs of Hazel River, on the 22d, and Bristoe and Manassas Junction, on August 27, and ending with the the battle of Sharpsburg, except as to the part taken by Trimble's brigade at Sharpsburg, as General Lawton, who commanded his brigade until August 29, is absent in Georgia, wounded, and Colonel [M.] Douglass, who commanded the brigade from August 29 to September 17, was killed at Sharpsburg on that day, and General Trimble, who commanded his brigade until August 29, is absent, wounded, and Captain [W. F.] Brown, of the Twelfth Georgia Regiment, who succeeded him in the command, was killed at Ox Hill, near Chantilly, on September 1. There is the same difficulty in regard to Hays' brigade as to the part taken by it on August 30, at Manassas, and at Ox Hill on September 1, as Colonel Strong, who commanded on these occasions, was killed at Sharpsburg. This report, therefore, will not contain particular details of the operations of any brigade but my own in most of

the actions in which the division was engaged during the time covered by it.+

* * * * * *

On the morning of the 3rd [of September] the division, with the rest of the troops,was moved to the left, crossing the Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad at a station above Vienna, and then passing through Dranesville in the direction of Leesburg, and encamped on a creek not far from Dranesville.


*Not found.

+Portion of report here omitted is printed in Series I, Vol. XII, Part II, pp. 704-716.


OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 19, Part 1 (Antietam)
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