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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 11, Part 2 (Peninsular Campaign)

3. General Magruder sent a member of his staff to me on Sunday, when he had reached Fair Oaks, and requested to be re-enforced, saying that the enemy was in force in his front and advancing upon him. I directed two of General Huger's brigades to be diverted from the Charles City road, by which they were then advancing, and move to the Williamsburg road, to support General Magruder. They were subsequently ordered to return to their original line of march, there being found no need of them on the Williamsburg road. (See report, page 11.)

4. The report sent to General Magruder by General Jones that General Jackson had informed the latter that he could not co-operate with him, having been ordered on other duty, originated in some mistake, and General Magruder was advised of the error as soon as it came to my knowledge. (See page 14.)

5. General Magruder is under a misapprehension as to the withdrawal of any part of the force with which he was to operate. (See page 14.) The misapprehension arose from a misunderstanding, before referred to, as to the road by which General Huger was to march on Sunday, June 29, and from the erroneous report with regard to a change in General Jackson's movements, just alluded to.

6. General Magruder was ordered to relieve the troops under General Longstreet Monday right, June 30, after the latter had been operating all day, had repulsed the enemy, and won the position contended for. Many prisoners had already been brought in, among them General McCall, and the battle was over. No enemy was known to be in position that night, and our troops were in undisturbed possession of the battle-field. One of the objects of bringing up General Magruder was to have fresh troops to discover the enemy. (See report, page 25.)

7. The note referred to by General Magruder, as received from Colonel Chilton, directing him to press the enemy on his right, and informing him that General McLaws' division had gone in fresh (see page 39) was written General Magruder had sent to me for re-enforcements by one of his staff. I was with General McLaws at the time, and on receiving the application ordered General McLaws to advance with his division. General Magruder was directed to press the enemy on his right because I thought he was tending too much to the left.

R. E. LEE,



Read and respectfully returned. The objections to the report of General Magruder indicate that General Lee will give a different aspect to the affairs noted in this report.

J. D. [DAVIS.]

[Inclosure Numbers 11.]

RICHMOND, VA., September 5, 1862.

Statement of General Magruder on General Lee's remarks on General Magruder's report of his operations about Richmond in the order of those remarks.

Remark Numbers 1.-New Bridge was finished on Friday evening, the 27th, instead on Saturday evening, June 28. I wrote from memory in reference to the time of its being finished. It was reported to me that the bridge three-quarters of a mile above was attempted to be crossed by

OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 11, Part 2 (Peninsular Campaign)
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