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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 11, Part 3 (Peninsular Campaign)

General Longstreet. He has been informed of your advance and will inform me to what point you will proceed. It is presumed you will be directed to march to some point on the Rapidan above the Germanna Mills, about Raccoon Ford.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel and Military Secretary.


August 14, 1862


Commanding Division, &c.:

GENERAL: I propose joining that portion of the Army of Northern Virginia now under General Longstreet, and expect to leave here to-morrow. In my absence you will be the senior officer with this wing of the army, and I request you to direct its operations. For all purposes connected with the defense of Richmond, James River, its approaches, &c., you will give directions to Generals D. H. Hill and R. H. Anderson, stationed on the south side of James River. General D. H. Hill is in command of the Department of North Carolina, which has been extended from the Cape Fear to the James River, and that army has been united to this. From your general knowledge, of the affairs of this army, its objects and position, I deem no instructions necessary beyond the necessity of holding Richmond to the last extremity, should any attack be made upon it. The lines of defense on both sides of the river must be completed as soon as possible, and every attention given to the organization, instruction, and discipline of the troops. Tri-monthly returns of the troops are required by existing orders, and I wish you would cause a consolidated return of the four divisions with you to be forwarded to me. Should you be able to ascertain whether General McClellan is diminishing his force at his present position please let me know, and to what points they are being sent. It may be necessary in that event to reduce our own force correspondingly or to withdraw it entirely. I wish you to keep this contingency constantly in view. Generals D. H. Hill and Hampton have instructions to keep out scouts and to use every means in their power to ascertain General McClellan's movements. Lieutenant Colonel E. P. Alexander has undertaken measures to the same end.

I am, with high respect, your obedient servant,
R. E. LEE.


P. S.- My headquarters will first be at Gordonsville.

R. E. L.

HEADQUARTERS, August 14, 1862

Major General R. H. ANDERSON.

Commanding Division:

GENERAL: I desire you to prepare your division to proceed to Gordonsville as soon as transportation can be furnished on the railroad. Your wagons and artillery will march, and can be placed on the road

OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 11, Part 3 (Peninsular Campaign)
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