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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 4, vol 1, Part 1 (Blockade Runners)

payment by Confederate Government. The penalty to be absorbed in payment for the last deliveries. I have found this company in every transaction that I have had with them most honorable and accommodating, and I beg to suggest to the Department the great importance of making such a contract with them as I have proposed, which is similar to one just completing for the British Government. It will be necessary in case the contract is made to organize a corps of inspectors of the work as it progresses from the forgings to the finished rifle. I have no doubt that I could secure the services of the same men now acting in the same capacity for the British war department. The advantage of having a standing contract with so respectable a company would not be limited to the contract itself. In case the General Government or any of the State governments found it necessary to procure a greater number of rifles in England than this company could furnish, the same inspectors would be available for receiving other rifles, and the standard of quality in the minds of these inspectors would be the highest possible. I beg to request an early communication on this subject from the War Department. I have imported from New York a U. S. cavalry saddle, and shall have a number manufactured according to that pattern as soon as I have the money with which to pay for them, believing that it is preferable to any saddle that I have seen in Europe. I have imported from France a set of artillery harness which has some points of superiority over the English, and in case of ordering any more artillery harness in this country shall follow the French model in some particulars. It is quite impossible for me to send forward to the Department an accurate statement of each contract made.

The Department must be aware that with so much to attend to my time is fully occupied. I find it necessary to superintend everything personally, even to the shipping of the articles. To-morrow I go to Hamburg to attend to the embarking of the artillery. I have secured four more batteries of artillery, which I am to have rifled and fitted complete for service. I have, however, no money to pay for them and I cannot barrow any more. As I have already informed the Department, the entire cargo of the Bahama-80 cannons, 4,500 sabers, 3 forges, and 3 battery wagons-was purchased with money borrowed these sums I gave my notes as agent of the Government, payable on the 1st of August.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


I have received no communication from the Department since Secretary Walker left the office of the War Department.

C. H.

RICHMOND, VA., March 17, 1862.


I nominate for the advice of the Senate the following-named officers, viz: For Secretary of State, J. P. Benjamin, of Louisiana; for Secretary of the Treasury, C. G. Memminger, of South Carolina; for Secretary of War, G. W. Randolph, of Virginia; for Secretary of the Navy, S. R. Mallory, of Florida; for Attorney-General, Thomas H. Watts, of Alabama; for Postmaster-General, John H. Reagan, of Texas.


OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 4, vol 1, Part 1 (Blockade Runners)
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