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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 51, Part 2 (Supplements)
Page 30 Chapter LXIII. MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA.


Charleston, April 24, 1861.

General ROBERT E. LEE:

Do you wish portable shot founaces for defence of the Potomac? I can let you have two.



RICHMOND, April 24, 1861.

(Received 9,10 p. m.)



Will be glad to have the furnaces. Send them here.

[2.] R. E. LEE.

WEDNESDAY, April 24, 1861.*

Present, the whole council.

The council direct that the secretary enter upon the journal and communicate to the Governor the following midification of the advice given by them to His Excellency on yesterday in relation to the seizure of vessels,&c.:

The council unanimously advise that all vessels which have been detained by order of the Governor or other officers acting under State authority be directed to be inspected, so as to ascertain the character of the vessel, the cargo and its value, any damanges which may have been sustained by the seizure and detention, and that report be required under what authority the vessel and cargo were seized and detained. That all such vessels be their owners or master, with permission to preceed upon their voyages. If any such vessels and cargoes have been abandoned by their masters or crews, that care should be taken of them. Where cargoes have been taken from the vessels and stored elsewhere, that the same be returned to the vessel, before their discharge, ascertaining the damage and grating certificates therefor to the maters. When officers and crews have been detained, that pay should be allowed to each at the rate at which they were shipped, and certificates given them therefor from the time of detention of seizure until discharged, such certificates to be presented at Richmond for paymet. But as to such steamers as may be essential for the purposes of the public service, that the same should be retained for the present and until the further order of the Governor, but a survey should be made and the value of the vessel ascertained and reported.

The Governor desiring the advice of the council as to the reply to be made to a dispatch this morning received from William H. C. Whiting, inspector-general of the State of North Carolina, applying for a safe counduct for the passage of a company of the U. S. troops through the territory of Virginia from the state of North Carolina, where they have been stationed and from which State they desire to retire; Advised unanimously that this application be rejected as inexpedient, the council deeming that that passage of such troops through the territory of Virginia might be attended with hazard to their safety. The council were also consulted by the Governor as to the appointment of ex-Governor Henry A. Wise to some military position for which he has patriotically tendered his sevices: Advised unanimously that the Governor hold such applications in reserve until it is ascertain by the action of the convection and the advice of the major-general in command the mumber and grade of military officers whom it will devolve upon the Governor to appoint in the State army and volunteers, having regard to the ordinace of convention in relation to officers of the U. S. Army, natives of Virginia or residents therein,


* From proceedings of the Advisory Council of the State of Virginia.


Page 30 Chapter LXIII. MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA.
OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 51, Part 2 (Supplements)
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