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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 42, Part 3 (Richmond-Fort Fisher)
Page 1246 Chapter LIV. OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C.


Battle's Brigade.

3rd Alabama, Colonel Charles Forsyth.

5th Alabama, Colonel Josephus M. Hall.

6th Alabama, Colonel James N. Lightfoot.

12th Alabama, Colonel Samuel B. Pickens.

61st Alabama, Colonel William G. Swanson.

Cox's Brigade.

1st North Carolina, Colonel Hamilton A. Brown.

2nd North Carolina, Captain John P. Cobb.

3rd North Carolina, Colonel Stephen D. Thruston.

4th North Carolina, Colonel Edwin A. Osborne.

14th North Carolina, Colonel R. Tyler Bennett.

30th North Carolina, Colonel Francis M. Parker.

Grimes' Brigade.

32nd North Carolina, Colonel David G. Cowand.

43rd North Carolina, Colonel Thomas S. Kenan.

45th North Carolina, Colonel John R. Winston.

53rd North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel James T. Morehead, jr.

2nd North Carolina Battalion, Major John M. Hancock.

Cook's Brigade.

4th Georgia, Colonel William H. Willis.

12th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Hardeman.

21st Georgia, Colonel Thomas W. Hooper.

44th Georgia, Colonel William H. Peebles.


Major General JOHN B. GORDON.

Evans' Brigade.

Brigadier General CLEMENT A. EVANS.

13th Georgia, Colonel John H. Baker.

26th Georgia, Colonel Edmund N. Atkinson 31st Georgia, Colonel John H. Lowe.

38th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel Philip E. Davant.

60th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J. Berry.

61st Georgia, - - .

12th Georgia Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Henry D. Capers.

Terry's Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM TERRY.

2nd Virginia, Major Charles H. Stewart.

4th Virginia, Major Matthew D. Bennett.

5th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Hazel J. Williams.

10th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Dorilas H. Lee Martz.

21st Virginia, Colonel William A. Witcher.

23rd Virginia, Colonel Alexander G. Taliaferro.

25th Virginia, Major Wilson Harper.

27th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Charles L. Haynes.

33rd Virginia, Colonel Abraham Spengler.

37th Virginia, Colonel Titus V. Williams.

42nd Virginia, Colonel Robert W. Withers.

44th Virginia, Colonel Norvell Cobb.

48th Virginia, Colonel Robert H. Dungan.

York's Brigade.

Brigadier General ZEBULON YORK.

1st Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel James Nelligan.

2nd Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel Ross E. Burke.

5th Louisiana, Major Alexander Hart.

6th Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Hanlon.

7th Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel Davidson B. Penn.

8th Louisiana, - - .

9th Louisiana, Colonel William R. Peck.

10th Louisiana, Colonel Eugene Waggaman.

14th Louisiana, Colonel David Zable.

15th Louisiana, Colonel Edmund Pendleton.


* Only two general officers (brigadier-generals) reported present for duty in the division.

+ One major-general and two brigadier-generals reported present for duty.


Page 1246 Chapter LIV. OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C.
OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 42, Part 3 (Richmond-Fort Fisher)
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