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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 36, Part 1 (Wilderness-Cold Harbor)

Return of Casualties in the Union forces, &c.- Continued.


Lieutenant Channing L. Pettibone, 4th Infantry.

Major William S. McElwain, 110th Infantry.

Captain John M. Smith, 110th Infantry.

Lieutenant Joseph McKnight, 110th Infantry.

Captain Joseph Work, 122nd Infantry.

Captain Oliver W. France, 126th Infantry.

Captain Richard M. Lyons, 126th Infantry.

Captain Jonathan S. McCready, 126th Infantry

Lieutenant Robert Hillis, 126th Infantry.


Lieutenant Frank J. Dungan, 2nd Cavalry.

Lieutenant William Kirk, 6th Cavalry.

Lieutenant Colonel George Dare, 5th Reserves.

Lieutenant J. Woods Russell, 5th Reserves.

Captain Daniel D. Jones, 11th Reserves.

Lieutenant Archibald W. Stewart, 11th Reserves.

Captain John O. Campbell, 45th Infantry.

Lieutenant Evan R. Godfellow, 45th Infantry.

Lieutenant John S. Moore, 51st Infantry.

Lieutenant Henry C. Titman, 56th Infantry.

Lieutenant Henry Evey, 56th Infantry.

Lieutenant Henry Evey, 56th Infantry.

Captain William O. H. Robinson, 61st Infantry.

Lieutenant Frank M. Brown, 61st Infantry.

Captain George W. McCulloch, 63rd Infantry.

Lieutenant David A. Strachan, 63rd Infantry.

Captain Richard L. R. Shreve, 72nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Milton Opp, 84th Infantry.

Captain Edward H. Rogers, 93rd Infantry.

Lieutenant Maxwell B. Goodrich, 93rd Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Edward Carroll, 95th Infantry.

Lieutenant Charles H. Wiedman, 98th Infantry.

Lieutenant Christopher Smith, 99th Infantry.

Colonel John W. Patterson, 102nd Infantry.

Captain Thomas E. Kirkbridge, 102nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Jacob Drum, 102nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob W. Greenawalt, 105th Infantry.

Captain William J. Clyde, 105th Infantry.

Captain James Hamilton, 105th Infantry.

Lieutenant George G. Lovett, 119th Infantry.

Lieutenant John E. Essick, 138th Infantry.

Lieutenant John H. Fisher, 138th Infantry.

Major Abraham H. Snyder, 139th Infantry.

Lieutenant Ephraim C. Grace, 139th Infantry.

Lieutenant George H. Collins, 142nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel John D. Musser, 143rd Infantry.

Lieutenant Michael Keenan, 143rd Infantry.

Lieutenant John C. Kropp, 143rd Infantry.

Captain Horation Bell, 150th Infantry.

Captain Roland Stoughton, 150th Infantry.


Captain Joseph McIntire, 2nd Infantry.


Captain Joseph P. Ash. 5th Cavalry.

Lieutenant Charles I. Pleasants, 11th Infantry.

Lieutenant Wright Staples, 11th Infantry.

Lieutenant Jean P. Wagner, 12th Infantry.

Captain Sulivan W. Burbank, 14th Infantry

Lieutenant Daniel M. Brodhead, 14th Infantry.


Brigadier General Alexander Hays.

Brigadier General James S. Wadsworth.

Captain James B. Turner, assistant adjutant-general.

Captain Robert S. Seabury, assistant adjutant-general.

Lieutenant Michael McGeough, 1st Sharpshooters.

Captain Albert Buxton, 2nd Sharpshooters.

Lieutenant Thomas J. Tarbell, 2nd Sharpshooters.

OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 36, Part 1 (Wilderness-Cold Harbor)
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